diary of male escort Mister E

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I’m back online, different type of operator, different field this time.

New year, new me, new feeling of being free, finally.

So what makes me unique, why would I be a good pick? Some traits may not be obvious... not yet. You’ll need to take me for a test ride first. Pop the hood, check the engines all good, all cylinders of an appealing V8 firing. Run your hands over the chassis, checking over the make & model, then it’s completely upto you, choose your own adventure.

A sublime sedate drive, take pride & your time showing off & enjoying your toy. Try your hand pushing the pedal to test my metal, I’m die-caste not delicate. I’m open for you to ‘Hit it, quit it, neutral slam it, run me through all the gears, then leave it in the lot where you found me’ who doesn’t like fast & furious rendezvous.

So I’ve learned to avoid the snobiness, & stress that the industry can sometimes impress on the somewhat ‘fresh’. I go my own way, as I had, still have a great mentor ;) Floors me, about time I stretched my legs & run alongside but not with the rest of the pack... taught me well, to be a strong self-sufficient Sigma like themselves. Sigma is the positive side to the ying & yang of the lone-wolf analogy. Benefit to you the client is, I’m seriously not lacking in personality... & some.

So come, have some fun. Take me for a run, taste me on your tongue, smack me on the bum for being a bad man... or if you like it done to you... as a confident, dominent I can ;)

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