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My inspiration is that I believe that fulfilment is achieved when we provide selflessly.

Not to everyone, but to those who share the same ideals, beliefs and positive energy you have.

That is why there should not be any demand for my companionship but the real story is, that there is a overwhelmingly demand and not enough supply.

97% of Society have become institutionalised in their conquest for fulfilment with a sense of impatience that they either indulge in gluttony, greed or pride at the cost of those who give.

That leaves 3% of today's society who blame themselves when they feel unfulfilled with their life, who blame themselves when they can't form deep and meaningful relationships, who blame themselves when they endure constant hardship only to be told to give up and blindly submit to mediocrity.

The majority of my companions come from that 3% and I will always stand with them, devoting time and energy into rewarding their deepest desires. Reminding them with thoughtful experiences to show that they were never the problem. Encouraging them to break free from the illusion of control from those who are afraid and sabotage their potential.

Don't misunderstand my companions they are not broken, they are actually the complete opposite and they grow tired of mediocre, negative, incomplete or indecisive encounters who drain and strain the positive energy they work hard to manifest. The true foundation of their desires is to naturally embrace positive energy and it becomes more fulfilling when you share this beautiful experience with people who can reciprocate that energy not absorb it.

My companions come from all walks of life from the early timers to those who have seen more then others. From the alluring ambitious who challenge the system and have become their own bosses, to the introverts who who understand less is more and live simple spirtural lives. To the curious sexual pioneers and the sexual goddesses who thrive off intimacy and aren't discourage by the false labels that society creates. To those who are in abstinence until they find a romantic moment to cross over and even those who perform in the adult industry themselves.

I could go on and list the generous diversity of companions that I have had the pleasure to accompany but this journal does have a word count restriction. But they know who they are and it shows by the cheeky grin that appears on their face right now as they read this and I am always grateful for the gift of their time and energy that they have shared with me.

Which is why I continue to become a companion, to remind you it's beautiful to be different as long as its naturally you.

Until Next Time

Michael Mischief

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