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*Michael Mischief Update* - The Michael Initiative [ Virtual Fantasy Experience ]

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Good evening intimate companions of Scarlet Blue and my Mischief Makers.

For those who I have not had the luxury of getting in touch with yet, allow me to introduce myself.

Michael Mischief and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

I relish in the premium capacity of facilitating intimacy towards my Mischief Makers because I believe intimacy is truest form of energy that our souls desire.

I like to remain open and approachable to my female companions who have continued or have yet to explore the wonders of Straight Male Companionship under the Michael Mischief Experience.

So allude your desires or attend to those infatuations by getting in touch.

No question too little, no desire too great.

As for my announcement I would like to inform you of the Mischief Initiative.

The Mischief Initiative is the expansion of the capacity of my legacy, envision and ambition for the future as I consolidate my foundations remaining relative towards the Australian Adult Industry and the Adult Industry in its capacity of intimate content and reflect and refine the premium fantasy that I provide as an intimate companion.

We all know our desires know no bounds, then we should not limit the immersion of our fantasies that is why I have expanded the capacity and mediums that Michael Mischief will be accessible at https://michaelmischief.com/

I have also introduced an additional innovative experience to the Mischief Medium category as the Virtual Fantasy Experience.

The Virtual Fantasy Experience is an additional medium for new and current Mischief Makers to indulge in the diverse varieties of their desires that they may have under the virtual infrastructure.

This virtual medium may seem more appealing for a variety of circumstances, such as:

-Desire to enjoy intimacy through Email, Skype or Snapchat.

-The convenience of intimately connecting with Michael despite location or time constraints.

-Ability to connect with Michael in the lead up prior to a physical liaison.

-A controlled environment to comfortably explore unfamiliar territory of the Straight Male Companions.

Regardless, in the growing accessibility of technology and the capacity of communication and information it is only natural that the acts of procreation will embrace it.

The VFE is subject to exclusive rates so inquire for more Information.

I have also had the liberty of expanding to the following platforms.

Spotify with its tailored playlist to allow the Mischief Experience a signature atmosphere.

PornHub and Manyvids for its capacity to attend to the intimate desires of my Mischief Makers on a larger scale both nationally and internationally.

So allow me to attend to those desires and subscribe/follow Michael Mischief on these official platforms to keep in touch with content that will progressively be released.




I can only empathize the extent on how difficult it may be to locate, coordinate and communicate your tailored desires of companionship to a straight male provider, which is why I believe the Michael Initiative will facilitate the increase capacity to maximize the versatility for both physical and virtual fantasies to remain tailored and accessible to your intimate desires within.

I anticipate that these actions of mine may also be reciprocated among other providers as their gained insight will lead to the increased capacity that we may provide to you.

Thank you for time and attention spent towards this interaction.

Until Next Time

Michael Mischief

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