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Working On The Gold Coast

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What can I say about living and working as a Male Escort on the Gold Coast.....Not a hell of a lot to be completely honest.

The Gold Coast is certainly a very ego driven environment. It has a certain "image" placed upon it that I honestly find quite amusing. And while I could sit here and type out all of the misfortunes that befall this town, there are many little gems hidden away behind the steroid fueled d-bags and active wear fashion conventions that some call school pickup.

I love to hate it and hate to love. But love it I do.

While I do get "enough" work to pay bills and do all the other wonderful things that one may associate with being an adult, I am not as busy as I would like to be. This is no real surprise as south east QLD is by no means a hot spot for male sex workers of any persuasion. It is a lovely place to live and it is close to home so it does have it's advantages. But it is time for me to embark on my first tour as a worker.

Luckily I will not be doing this alone. I will be joined by the lovely Layla. Another Gold Coast based worker and a delightful one at that. This should be great.

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