diary of male escort James Patrick

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My first booking starts in 20 mins and I don’t think I’ve ever been this nervous, or excited.

She’d emailed me a few days before, and I’d spotted the message while I was at work - just as I walked into a meeting. An agonizing 30 minutes later I practically run out of the meeting to check my phone.
We swap emails over the next few hours and agree to meet in the bar at her hotel in a few days time, and see where we end up.

A couple of days notice gives me time to prepare – I decide to make myself as close to my profile photos as possible: Fresh haircut, new white shirt and my favorite suit. My usual gym sessions suddenly seem a lot more important.

I arrive a little early on the night, sit in the bar and keep an eye out for her. Not sure what’s happening at this hotel tonight but every woman I see seems to match the description she’s given me. I decide to send her a message. “Just downstairs in the bar – can’t wait to meet you!” I press send and the woman sitting in the booth next to me immediately picks up her beeping phone and starts typing. It could be her… but she’s sitting next a man, and they both have wedding rings on. Either it’s someone else, or I have missed some important points in our conversations so far.

A message pops up and she says she’s getting in the lift “Coming down now …. nervous "

Now that she’s only seconds away I’m nervous as well, almost can’t breathe and my heart is beating out of my chest. I’m sure that everyone in the bar knows why I’m here and is in on the same joke. My thoughts are racing- What if she doesn’t like me, or was expecting something else? What if I know her from the real world? What if she’s my boss??

I remember that I’m the meant to be the professional here, and it’s my job to make her feel comfortable and safe, and to show her a good time - so I take a few deep breaths. A quick hug and a kiss on the cheek and within minutes it’s almost like we are just old friends catching up.

I make some mistakes in the first few minutes: I keep forgetting my name is James and probably tell her too much about me. There’s also a diamond ring on her left hand and she catches me looking straight at it, although neither of us say anything. When I offer to get us drinks and she tries to give me some cash, I hesitate and it’s a little awkward. I return with some wine and I make sure our hands touch as I pass it to her.

She’s nervous again once we head upstairs, but luckily I know a trick to fix that– pulling her close in the lift for a slow kiss. We are holding hands now and she has a big smile and is laughing and squeezing my hand. Another couple gets in to the lift and she leans into my chest and then kisses me right in front of them .

From her emails in the last few days I knew she was a little worried about being older than me and about her appearance, so my plan before tonight was to compliment her as much as I could. Now that we are here it’s not an issue at all, she looks great, and feels amazing.

The next hour or so is fantastic and strangely enough we are both a lot less nervous undressed in bed than sitting fully clothed in the bar. I love making women feel satisfied and I'm good at it. She tells me that she hasn’t felt like her pleasure was a focus in bed before. I feel really grateful that I could help her experience that.

Now she’s lying in my arms while we talk and the only light in the room is the clock next to her bed, which I can see counting towards the time we agreed I would leave. It’s a strange feeling – I’m not sure if I should just get out of bed, I need to leave but don’t want to ruin the evening for her. Luckily she gets up first and we spend a few minutes hunting for our clothes that have been discarded throughout the evening.

I give her a big hug and a kiss near the door, then let her go.

I have no idea if I’ll see her again, or if meetings with other clients will be like this, but I can’t wait to do it again.

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