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Building her confidence and making her happy

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A woman contacted me through Scarlet Blue and told me that her ex-boyfriend didn't show her any affection.

I asked her to explain what had happened and she said her ex was pre-occupied with sports, his mates and his iPhone.

I could hear that sadness in her voice, and it was clear it had affected her confidence. It made me want to help her.

So I asked her what she needed. One word she said, "affection". "I want to be held and treated like a lady".

So I visited her at her Darlinghurst apartment. Before I arrived, she texted me to say she was nervous as this is not usually "what I do".
I assured her that she would enjoy her time with me and that I would care for her.

When I arrived and she opened the door she immediately felt a sense of relief when she saw me. Her guard came down completely.

We sat and chatted for 2 hours, enjoying some organic red wine and some nibbles.
I played her favourite music (Stevie Nicks) through my iPhone and portable speaker, along the atmosphere of my portable mood lights.
She told me so much about her life and I am extremely grateful that she shared her soul with me.
She was beautiful, she was burdened and she was real.

I took her into the bedroom and gave her all the intimacy she needed to make her feel good again.

Afterwards, I held her and told her that she was amazing and that her future belonged to her and no-one else.

She has become a regular client, preferring someone like me who listens to her needs and follows through.

I love my work.

It's about you, the client.

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