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There's something delightfully naughty about a masquerade party. Something about the unfamiliarly familiar that arouses a sexual curiosity deep inside. I went to my first masquerade party recently - with a twist! And the experience has left me lusting for more...

The party was this evening so I got out a sharp looking suit from my wardrobe and spoiled myself with an outing to my favourite store for something nice to wear underneath. Soft to the touch, and comfortable to wear, sliding my new briefs on felt like bathing in silk. I couldn’t help but make sure they felt as good on the outside as they did on the inside. Yep - definitely. It’s nice to spoil yourself every now and again.

A relaxing shower and a little time spent pampering myself before the ball. Hair on point, clean shaven face… and below ;) A splash of my favorite perfume and time to get dressed. A moment to stop and enjoy how good my new purchase feels to wear before finishing with my suit. I’m impressed with just how well the mask I chose matches my outfit.This should add some seductive mystery...

Entering the venue with all of these people, looking out from the veil of my own mask I felt a little extra confidence and flair - it's strangely empowering having your own face concealed in a room full of strangers. The champagne was flowing and I was mingling with the other beautifully masked participants, the curiosity of who might be behind the delicate and beautiful masks was turning me on. Music was playing softly in the background and the conversations were wandering in and out of the boundaries between innocence and something a little more suggestive and naughty.

With our masks covering our faces leaving just the eyes and mouth exposed, it was such fun to be teasing each other with our salacious talk, watching the shape of lips forming each word and looking into the eyes of a concealed stranger. The mask, like seductive lingerie for the face, showing a hint of what was beneath but still keeping the mystery alive.

Some time into the evening there was the sound of a deep and sensual gong. The reverberations from its sounding echoed across the room and triggered a wave of passion across the room of lustful participants. Conversation no longer wandered. Masks still in place, shoulder straps and shirts fell from shoulders revealing the seductive curves beneath. Leather belts and cufflinks fell to the floor amongst other discarded items of clothing, the anticipation in the room boiling over.

All of my senses were on fire as the climax of emotion and lust took over and I finally tasted the sinful pleasures that had been dangling before me all evening. No time or interest in identity - our masks were still in place. This was a moment of pure and unadulterated indulgence.

The memory of looking into those eyes behind the mask, tasting those soft anonymous lips and touching that soft bare skin - sharing this anonymity - this carnal exploration of another as they explored me. It was such a delicious sexual pleasure. My body responded with heightened emotion. Every touch an explosion of sensation as we embraced this lust. The sounds of the room around us urging us deeper into this indulgence as the room fell into a chaotic scene of uninhibited passion. For what seemed like an eternity we saturated ourselves in each others bodies until we were completely spent.

Exhausted with satisfaction, we found our scattered belongings in amongst the disarray on the floor. A cheeky wink, a knowing smile and the time had come to say goodnight. Everybody slipping away back into the darkness of the night, becoming once again who we were before we put on our masks.

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