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What's it like to Engage a Mature Escort

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Its been a while since I wrote a blog...I've been so busy and they ear has flow by and now its Christmas.
​I recently wrote an article on 'What Is It Like To Engage Mature Escorts?' for the SimplySxy Web Site. SimplySxy is a Sex and Sexuality online Magazine. Its a great resource for people exploring the world of sex and eroticism and it is well worth checking out.
I’m going to include the full article in this blog but I encourage you to check out the website itself.

I think sex should be a fundamental part of our lives.

The Appeal Of Mature Escorts
The appeal is all about the fact that sexuality and the desire for sex doesn’t end at any specific age, it continues and it’s important for the industry to be able to provide a range of service providers that are comparable with the needs of clients. Similarly, the desire for those that can provide a pleasurable interaction doesn’t fit into any specific age group either. Mature clients like mature escorts. and younger clients can be the same.
I have been told many times when being booked for the first time that women are looking for a ‘man’ and not a ‘boy’. I use these terms loosely but they are invariably referring to the fact that clients are looking for a person who has life experience, who has a wider understanding of the complexity of how we can relate, who has a level of maturity and a genuine interest in their clients.

Characteristics Of A Mature Escort
For me it’s about being empathetic, non-judgmental, pragmatic and being a good listener. But most importantly, it’s having had life experiences and understanding this first hand. To know how it feels to be in a wide variety of situations and challenges that life throws up at you and having had the experience of dealing with them. Sometimes well and sometimes not so well. This, I think, gives a greater opportunity to connect on a very real level with my clients.

Two Tips For Clients Engaging Mature Escorts
Again from my own experience, there are two aspects that clients can expect.
Firstly, the initial interactions that new clients will have. I find that there is a quite a lot of email or SMS interaction around expectations and understanding as to how the client has come to contact you in the first place. I find it immensely rewarding to understand this and it begins the process of trust – one of the most important aspects of any relationship between an escort and client. Often the interaction can go back and forth many times, and I use this to process to gain an understanding of the client and also let them know about who I am – not in a this is me way, but in the way that I respond, discuss and ask questions with the client. I feel that as a mature person I have the ability to do this and to be much more subtle about this initial interaction. I get very good feedback about this, in that it makes new clients feel safe and develops an exciting anticipation for our first meeting. I might add that these interactions continue with my regular clients and they find this quite satisfying as I do.
Secondly, when I meet a client at the first appointment, I have a wider range of life experiences to draw from and as an individual I have a high level of empathy, which allows me to ‘tune’ into how they are feeling. Many of my clients have experienced loneliness or rejection, a lack of sexual satisfaction (even though they may be married or in a long term partnership), a complete lack of sex and a lack of emotional connectedness. What I am able to provide is reassurance and acceptance, emotional and metal connection and a feeling of security and that time spent with me will be totally focused on them. Of course sex is a big part of the interaction, but it’s always within a context of the emotional security.
There are a couple of other things too. A full knowledge and understanding of the female anatomy and how to satisfy my client and not taking myself too seriously. It’s a wonderful gift to learn as you mature, knowing what’s important and what isn’t and learning to laugh and not be embarrassed. This is reassuring to clients.

Is There Anything Out Of Bounds?
None whatsoever, but this depends on each escort. I am very broad minded and very open. My services extend from a quiet dinner with sensual sex to more erotic intense services that include anal, bondage, wax play, control and discipline and everything in between. My job, if I can call it that, is to satisfy my clients…and of course as a mature escort, I was brought up in a much more permissive time than now!!

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