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I thought I would write about waking your passion

Being able to feel attended to, listened to and conversed with, receiving and giving affection and sensual pleasure are all important aspects of our lives and the feelings we experience then this happens makes feel affirmed, alive and accepted.

For some who've been in a long term relationship the spark is still there with intimacy and sensual pleasure an important part of the chemistry.

For others closeness and intimacy have left the relationship....for a whole host of reasons. The relationship is devoid of romance, affection and fun. Whether it's through busy lives, caring for children, or arrangements of circumstances and assets, or changes in libido, or a sexual conservatism to try something new.

The result is that unfortunately these relationships become ones of convenience devoid of real feeling. There can be a feeling of loneliness, self doubt and abandonment. The passion has gone, the spark has dulled.

Many women see the opportunity of spending time with me as a male escort as a way to rekindle these feelings of affirmation, intimacy and sensuality. Re igniting the passion, brightening the spark, feeling energised and alive again.

Having a blank canvas of spending time with me as an open minded and experienced and intimate man enables my clients to express their needs and desires in an accepting and non-judgemental way and to feel safe.

Simply the act of being with someone fully in the moment, being listened to, and being physically affirmed by the arousal of the soft touch of my fingers on your skin.

I am waiting to hear from you

Love, Alex

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