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Earlier this month the Sydney Morning Herald publish an article entitled "I spent a week at home in the nude, and this is what I learned about my body". Essentially the article was about how we need to love our bodies, to be comfortable with ourselves and not to be judgemental.

Unfortunately, many of us judge ourselves negatively, we cast a critical eye over ourselves and we feel we don't compare with an ideal image of what the body should be or we are critical of the parts of our body we don’t like.

The author noted that naturists have higher self-esteem than those who keep their clothes on and perplexingly naturists come in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing they all had was a better body image i.e. it was how they thought of their body that made all the difference.

Spending time with a loving escort can boost your self esteem and self image. There is nothing quite like a person who is there with you 100%, accepting and appreciating you and your beauty. Undressing you, being naked together, tenderly stroking and caressing you, communicating by touch, drawing out the erotic energy and the confidence that brings in a physical and emotional way.

Its very affirming and good for the soul.

And by the way, if you’re interested here's a link to the article - http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/health-and-wellbeing/can-spending-time-naked-really-improve-our-selfesteem-20170329-gv8yxx.html

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