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My First Entry: Feb musings, tours & longer adventures

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So, perhaps the purpose of these diaries is to woo you - I'm not one for romance. Nor am I one for telling you precisely what I think you want to hear, so if you're expecting that, best move along traveller.

I don't mean for that to sound harsh, but I suppose I want you to know that I don't take you for a fool. Someone easily led.

You'd be right to assume that I put thought in to what I post, where I post it - I try my best to choose the right words and pictures to illustrate what our time together could look like. That's for both our benefit, mind you. I'm in the business of pleasure, but I find that the pleasing comes so much more naturally to me when I'm interacting with a similarly wicked, or, in my case, unabashedly geeky, mind. I endeavour, in everything, to ensure you know what to expect from me.

I could, perhaps, concoct some alluring tale, a flight of fancy that places emphasis on all my positive attributes and tries to list in point form all the ways in which I differ from my colleagues. I'd have thought that was obvious though. This industry exists in a climate of brilliant diversity, there is someone for everyone and someone that does just about everything - within reason. I could wax lyrical about what sets me apart, but I think my profile sums up who I am and what I offer fairly soundly.

I have a blog, outside of this and it's there I find a place to soundly rant about whatever happens to have me most impassioned or enraged - so, no...that's not what I think I'll be putting here either.

I suppose, if anything, here I'll place my musings on the day to day of me, the Escort. Erotic memories, wicked plans and the occasional twisted thought or two - does that sound alright to you? This year promises so many delightful things and it'd be a shame not to share them all somewhere where I'm not limited to 140 characters.

This week was wonderful. I spent time in Wollongong - one of my favourite places to tour. It's close to home and I can travel by train there. I don't drive - shameful, I know - not out of lack of desire to, but I've always lived in places where my work and my life has been literally on my doorstep or stupidly close to it. There was never a need. So I find simple pleasure in travel by road or rail, on buses and trains - shorter journeys mostly.

I love Wollongong. I'm pretty sure at least one person reading this will raise an eyebrow, but I've got a favourite place to stay there and I can see the ocean from my balcony. I wake up to the fresh sea air and it's the same air I grew up with, albeit a different beach. Taking a few days out of the smog and the smoke of the city is bliss. I love to be by the water - I'm not choosy what sort either. When I'm in Canberra, my next tour destination, I love to spend mornings walking around the lake and finding new hole in the wall places just off the path to snag my morning coffee.

Some of my favourite people reside in Wollongong as well. I'm blessed, honestly, to have some of the most interesting and adventurous clients. People I can actually connect with, physically and mentally - we can talk honestly and openly about life and our interests, shared and varied, with mutual discretion assured. I value that. Highly. Even on the days when I've had a dozen nasty messages, time wasters and want to throw my hands up in the air and hide from my phone - it takes a single message or tweet to lift my spirits.

A cynical person might see that as me 'sucking up' but, as anyone who knows me will tell you - I'm not nearly that nice. I offer compliments only when I think they're deserved and I relish finding things in people that perhaps they didn't know about themselves. People need to feel good. Not just physically. A kind word can make someone's day and, yes, I'm getting dreadfully cliche here, but it's a joy to be able to do that for somebody.

So Wollongong, despite some colourful SMS correspondence (including some pictures I didn't want and definitely didn't ask for), was wonderful. I can't wait to get back there soon.

I had a longer booking this week when I got home. One I'd been planning for a while. 24 Hours, I call it my 'Adventure Package', because I never quite know where it'll take me. Sometimes the planning is left in my hands, sometimes it's all a surprise, sometimes a bit of both. It was the first time I'd hosted at my Incall, but so many of the activities my companion had mentioned wanting to do were close by my place, it seemed silly to waste our time on travel.

I love longer bookings. I love adventures and sleepovers and sexiness and fun. I love combining all those things together. And spoiling people. Spoiling people especially. Again, I'm not saying this to talk myself up, it's just hard sometimes to accurately convey the sheer joy I get out of my job and the time I get to spend with people. I'm not saying it's always perfect. It has it's ups and downs and these longer bookings I put a lot of thought in to, which inevitably lends itself to a little anxiety about if I've planned the right sort of date for the person I'm spending time with.

I do my best to get to know people, just a little so I can better plan something we'll be able to enjoy together. Sometimes it's about throwing caution to the wind and trying something totally new together - good or bad, it's about the experience and being able to laugh about it at the end, should things go pear shaped.

My 24 hours were spent making new friends at the Zoo, roaming around Arcades and getting RSI from playing too much Time Crisis, watching some new Sci-Fi and inhaling some of China Town's best dumplings. There was massages and sliding around all slick, oily and hot. And a quick dip in the icy cold waves of Bondi Beach to finish it all off. It was bliss. Bliss spent with wonderful company. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

This entry weaved all over the place, but if anything I'm always full of thoughts. Hopefully I'll get some more of them down soon.

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