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Why girls look different than their pictures on their profile even when the pictures are verified?

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Some guys have the expectation of seeing a girl in a picture then meeting her and she must look exactly like in her picture or otherwise she is called a liar.
This is very unrealistic. Does the hamburger in McDonalds' look exactly the same as in the picture? Does any holiday destination look exactly the same as in the picture? Of course not.
Even the supermodels do not look like in real life like in their pics.

When a someone gets a photo shoot, she gets a great photographer and a make-up artist. It costs usually $1600-2000 or even more.
The make-up artist spends about 2-3 hours to get the hair and make-up done which get retouched several times during the photo shoot.
Then the room has great lighting and the photographer takes about 300 pictures from the best angles while he keeps directing you how you should pull your stomach, arch your back etc.
Then you pick your best 5-10 pictures and they get photoshopped. The exact same thing happens with the ladies you see in the magazines or Instagram. They are not "real" either.
So, what should you do?
Girls have their selfies and videos posted. They have social media accounts with recently updated pictures. You can follow them/ check them out.

I have my hair colored every 3 weeks and depending on the day you see me it is going to look different.
I do my make-up every day the same way and sometimes it looks absolutely fantastic while some days it looks absolutely horrible no matter what I do.
That is real life. Have realistic expectations. You might see a girl after lunch while she is bloated. You might see a girl at the end of the day when she is tired and of course does not look as "fresh" as in the morning.

You should also look at the price range. Some girls charge $1200/hr. I charge a lot less. If you expect a girl to charge the minimum but look like a supermodel you are very unrealistic.
Some guys look at 1 picture and ignore all your other pictures and expect you look exactly like that. That is a very unrealistic expectation as well. Guys with these expectations should visit brothels.
I had maybe about ten guys walk out in 4 years saying that my pictures were not my pictures.
I think guys need to spend a little bit of time on checking out all the pictures and reading about the person before they dial.
I see a huge problem with guys watching 1 picture only and calling straight away.

Guys, do your research. We want to see guys who are happy with us. A guy who is happy to see us makes us feel good and we both can have a great time.
It is important for me to be liked. I create a lot of information that helps YOU to decide if you like me or not before you even dial.
I usually post snaps on Snapchat as well.

And even when the girl looks exactly the same as on her picture you can still feel that it is not like her because her "vice" cannot be captured. You must be in her presence and feel it. It is there or it is not. The same girl who is a goddess for someone might seem to be someone you absolutely dislike for some unknown reason.

This is called life. Not everything can be captured. And I do not think that girls should post the pictures where they look their worsts.

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