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Why do you feel empty and unsatisfied after paying so much money for an escort?

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I have been in the industry for many years and I can feel a dissatisfaction sometimes. It is not a dissatisfaction with me personally, it is more like a confusion, feeling empty and wanting for something more but not knowing what that is.
Many guys have a tough time for a while when they decide to see an escort who will cheer them up and bring all the happiness and satisfaction in their lives within that hour that they have missed in the past few months or even years.
Then they come over with high hopes that they will get this amazing looking female who does exactly what they want so they already have the expectation for something spectacular.
They already put too much pressure on themselves which can cause erection issues or they cannot cum or they do cum but still not satisfied. They feel empty, although they have no idea why.

Let me explain it to you WHY.

You are unhappy. That is the main reason. When people are unhappy, that is the emptiness they feel. They try to fill that emptiness inside their hearts with sex, alcohol, work or anything that can be done easily. You cannot get happiness from external things. That is why you feel happy when you buy a huge house, a new fancy car or some new clothes, but the happiness goes away very fast. That emptiness cannot be filled with external things. It will be never enough. That is why you feel dissatisfied with an escort as well because if you are depressed and unhappy only you can make yourself happy. These external things can make you FEEL better but happiness is an emotion and not a feeling. An emotion lasts for long even when negative feelings happen. You can be happy even when you feel sad because FEELINGS and EMOTIONS are not the same things.

What I can offer is to make you feel better but I cannot give you happiness. Nobody and nothing can except for you. I can give you guidance on how to achieve it but you need to create your own happiness.

You have to be realistic with your life and with yourself. This is your first step on your way to happiness.

If you are lonely and want to feel love, seeing an escort will not give you that either.
You can have a great time with an escort. You can have fun, laugh and have the experience that the chosen lady offers. If your goal is this, you will feel satisfied. If your goal is more than that, you are unrealistic and you will feel dissatisfied.

I am happy to have fun with you guy, and/or help you to find your happiness...............

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