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Why do escorts charge what they charge? Why is not cheaper?

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Unfortunately, Australia is flooded with cheap and most of the time low quality girls.
They charge as little as $80 sometimes, so of course, punters have a heads up that someone who charges several times more probably rips them off.
I thought I should clear this up a bit.

So, first of all, most of those girls use fake pictures, do not speak any English, and provide very shitty service (I heard stories from clients).
All I can say is, when it seems too good to be true, it is probably not true at all.

Why girls charge what they charge?

First of all, we pay around $2000-4000/ photoshoot including new clothes, hair, hotel rental etc.
These cheap girls just steal pictures from the web.

We spend time on updating our pictures on social media - yeah, that's time as well.
We speak very good or fluent English, so you can have a proper conversation.
Lots of girls are highly educated - I am doing my Masters degree working towards a Ph.D.

You have to also take into account how rare that nationality is. I am Eastern European, born and raised there bringing that very strong Eastern European hot passion mixed with unconditional warmth and friendliness.

The apartment cost also has a huge impact on our pricing. The price of a brand new luxury unit is a lot higher in a great area than a crappy old unit with no airconditioner and old shower etc. I rent a brand new 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment to have enough space and airconditioner in the master ensuite bedroom. These units do not come cheap.
The great thing about brand new units is that all tenants are new as well so nobody knows anyone and usually tenants change every 6 months. This way your privacy is secured.

I also charge a higher price so I do not have to see many clients to cover my costs. Girls, who charge very little usually work together in 1 apartment seeing letting many clients in and out to make it profitable. This is not secure for you as you can bump into someone you know and people will also know what's going on because lots of people are coming and going. I only take limited bookings which means maximum 2-3 people in a day. I also go away on tours so my apartment would not gain attention.

Guys love young girls but I also believe that someone in her 30s' with real relationship experience can give you a higher value than an 18 year old who has never been in a relationship. Age comes with experience and with understanding. I am in my early 30s' and I know how different I am from the person I used to be 14 years' ago.

I do not do many of the things that other girls do: bareback and pornstar services, or anything kinky. I believe that my value is the fact that I am a clean and safe choice. I am very concerned about sexual health as I am not planning to stay in this industry forever. It is a value for you if you have the same mindset.

I believe that great sex starts with a great connection. When I see my clients, I see them as human beings who are at a cross road in their lives. I do not see them as money-bags. In return, I expect them to see me as a human being as well and not a piece of meat. This is a fair trade, I think.

You pay for your privacy.
You pay for the place you use. If you hook up with someone and have to pay for a hotel, that does not come cheap either.
You pay for not calling you. If you hook up with someone she will have expectations and probably will keep calling and texting you.
You pay for not being recognized. When you hook up with someone, she will go and say hello to you even in front of your wife.
You pay for being left alone and not being disturbed. I will not have any expectations. I will not judge you. I will not laugh at you. I will not argue with you.

You pay for getting all the goodies of a relationship without the downside of it. That's what you pay for.
I am ready when you want me. I do not question or harass you.
And there is no such a thing as a free meal...

And btw, when I call the lock smith after business hours because I leave my keys inside, it costs nearly $300.
When I call the electrician after business hours, I pay $400.
None of them are hot. None of them strip. And none of them stay for more than a few mins.

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