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What do clients look like? Are all guys ....

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What do clients look like? Are all guys ugly, fat, hairy with bad body odor?

When I started this job, I did not really have an idea in mind how clients would look like but I expected most of them to be quite unattractive.
I was very surprised when I had guys PAYING ME who looked like the guys in magazines. Yep, even the fucking hot guys pay for sex sometimes .... not enough times, unfortunately.
I had sex with the best looking guys in my life while escorting. I mean, really amazing model-like absolutely fucking gorgeous .... yammmmm. Amazing face, amazing body and they even pay. Who would have thought of that?
So, guys, not every guy who pays for us is unattractive.
Most guys are very average looking guys. Of course, sometimes you want to close the door straight away as soon as you open it.
What I learned is that lots of times it is the ugliest guys who are the pickiest and the best looking ones who are the least picky. This came as a surprise, to be honest. I thought that uglier guys try to compensate their look by being a lot nicer than average and the hot ones would be very rude. This is not the case in general and not always true.

It means a lot how a person behaves. I have clients who do not look good at all but their amazing personality makes them an absolutely loving person.

I have many clients who are business people and wear suits. I have the hots for the suits but I also like casual clothes as well on guys.

Your personality is YOU and not your look. Some guys become rude because they do not look like they think they should look. They treat us like a piece of shit to overcompensate their very low self-esteem.

We need to learn to see the PERSON behind the "mask". None of us is perfect and never will be. Do not be arrogant with the ladies just because you have a low self-esteem, it will just make things worse.

I am very lucky because most of my clients are very nice and respectful. Of course, some of them are not, but it does not matter what industry you are in there will be people who you will not like and you will not like.
I enjoy spending time with guys who like gentle and sensual things spiced with some conversation and see me as a human being and not an object that they paid for.

And there is nothing sexier on a guy than a lovely genuine smile.

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