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Unusual client stories - the lovely hot guy who comes every weeknd - #3

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Most of my clients are lovely and some of them are just wonderful.

One of my favorite clients started seeing me when I started working privately in North Sydney. Both of us are from Eastern Europe (neighbors) so the connection was already there.
Many people like to see a girl only once so they could try as many as they can.
Many guys treat us as a piece of meat just because they pay for a service which feels very hurtful.

This guy was very different. He was this very down-to-earth sweet (also really hot) guy who saw me as a human being and treated me as a female. Some guys do not realise that it is their attitude and the way they treat females that makes them sexy and desirable. They think it is their dick size that makes them hot or they must be able to perform 1000 positions from the Kama Sutra in 30 mins to be the alpha male. Just be nice and treat me as an equal human being and I will purrrrrr like a sweet cat......... :)

So, this sweet guy is not only a real gentleman but also visits me nearly every single weekend ever since. It makes this unusual relationship really special.
When you know what exactly the person likes it makes it a lot easier and the experience a lot better.

I get many guys not knowing what they want. When I ask what they like they just say "Surprise me". This is a very stupid response, to be honest. As every guy is different the chances that I will know exactly your deepest desires is very low. I cannot understand why people are ashamed to tell me what they truly want. It does not matter how unusual that thing is. First of all, I do not judge and there is nothing I have not seen yet (I guess); and secondly you are not marrying me so I cannot understand the shame around your deep fantasies.

He told me straight upfront what he expected and what he liked. I truly admired his honesty and strength. It made everything very simple and easy-going. We have a great "relationship" ever since.

I love men who are not afraid of being themselves. They have the courage to say it out loud what they want.
I love when they treat me as a female who they just met in a bar and not as an object that they paid for.
I treat all my clients with deep respect and understanding without any judgment.
I know how difficult life can be sometimes and as a male you have to show strength even when you are broken into million pieces inside. You need to pull yourself together and smile when you are insecure and depressed.
In my place you can be yourself.......... and you should be yourself.

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