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Unusual client stories - the horrible and amazing - #2

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This story shows the concept of: "nothing can be really judged just by one time".

I had an escort in a very posh area several of years ago.
Amazing apartment, nice looking guy but absolutely rude and horrible personality.
I cannot recall the details as it happened maybe 4 years ago, but I do remember that the experience was unbelievably terrible and I could not wait to get out.
Just a typical needy jerk who was not happy with anything no matter how hard I tried. You can only give 100% and if that's still not enough there is not much you can do other than waiting for the alarm to ring and set you free.

About six months later I had another escort. Back then I used to work for an escort agency and I did not manage my bookings. I only knew that the driver was picking me up.
Then we stopped at the same apartment block. My heart stopped. Not again.... not this guy again....
I did not want to go in. I was scared of going through the same horrible nightmare but as I was not my own boss I had no choice. I had to go in.
I was hoping that it was the same building but a different apartment with a different guy. I did NOT have that luck. It was the same guy. I wanted to run away.
He did not remember me. I did remember him and his attitude very well. I prepared for the worst.
This time he was in a great mood as we were in the holidays between Xmas and NYE. Maybe he was less stressed.
He was a totally different person: same body but a different guy. He was charming, sweet, happy and very entertaining. That rude, bitter and negative person had no signs whatsoever.
He was happy and I was also happy. We had such an amazing time together that he kept extending and we ended up spending about 5-6 hours together.

I guess, the lesson here is that we cannot judge anyone just by the first impression.
The more important lesson is that YOUR attitude has a huge impact on YOUR experience.
All escorts try really hard to make you happy and please you but if you are negative, unhappy and only looking for excuses why "she is shit", your experience will not be great.
Nobody can make you happy if you are chronically negative looking for reasons why not to be satisfied.
If nothing and nobody can make you happy, maybe it is time to look within yourself.

If you smile.. the World will smile back at you :)))

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