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Unusual client stories - the GENTLEMAN - #4

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There are some guys who make that extra mile and make you feel very special which makes our encounter a very magical experience.

This "story" took place in my apartment last year when I lived in the Hills Area.

This lovely gentleman arranged his booking a week before he wanted to see me then confirmed it an hour before he arrived.
It always makes me respected when people are respectful and professional: let me know on time and arrive on time.

He even made an extra step: not only he made me respected but also special.
He booked me for 3 hours which I truly prefer than the short "bamm-bamm thank you Ma'am" style bookings where there is no time for connection and getting to know eachother.
He brought me flowers, a little gift, and a really nice champagne.
I immediately felt really great and respected.
The time we spent together was so enjoyable because we had time to chat, joke and laugh. It did not start with the "we need to get into business straight away because the time is ticking".
This was a real girlfriend experience. It does mean a lot how I am treated, and the happier I am the happier you will be as well.

I think guys nowadays want that special girlfriend connection as they book for girlfriend experience but they do not really realise that it also requires enough time in the booking.
Half an hour or an hour are not really enough for the same level of experience.

A girlfriend is someone you like and want to spoil a little. You want to give and connect with her.
Unfortunately, nowadays guys think that a girlfriend experience equals with a bareback service where the girl does everything for them as they wish.

This is what distinguishes a guy from a GENTLEMAN.

The more you give the more you get.

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