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Unusual client stories series: The Worst client #1

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This blog series has only one purpose: to show those very rare cases that shocked me or made me laugh.

I am starting with my worst experiences as an eye-opener how very unusual some guys can be.
These are real stories without a name or location.

So, the Worst client series:
No 1:

I had an outcall a few years ago in a private house.
The guy rushed me into the bedroom straight away and we were having sex within a very few minutes since my arrival. It was a bit weird as most guy usually like to welcome you for at least 5-10 mins so both of you can get to know each other a little bit better.

Anyways, as he rushed me into the bedroom straight into sex he finished in the first quarter of an hour. Usually, guys need some time to "recharge" and start it again a bit later on.
Not this one. He was ready to go as soon as he finished. His dick was never down.
He came 4 times during the 1 hour booking. The only time I had a rest while I was taking the filled condom off and changed it to a new one straight away.
He finished for the 4th time a few mins after his time was up.
Then, I started to pack up as his time was up.
He got upset and angry saying:
"That's it? Where are you going? I am not done yet! That's all you can do???"
He wanted me to stay for 1 more round absolutely free because my service was not satisfying enough although everything went exactly how he wanted.

I was thinking:
"Are you f***ing kidding me? You came 4 times and still not happy yet? What the hell is wrong with you?"

Of course, I put on my polite smile and apologised for the fact that his time was up and had to go.
He was probably one of my most dissatisfied clients although he was fucking during the whole time and without a break. He even got a few extra minutes. Still not enough.

I guess, he was a sex-addict who could never feel satisfied no matter how many times he has an orgasm.
If you are similar to this guy, please be aware that this is absolutely not normal and you feel this way because certain hormones are blocked in the brain.
You are supposed to have "breaks" between the "rounds" due to certain "feel good" hormones that make your dick soft for a while.
It is not your partner who is not good enough. It is your brain function has a missing chemical. That chemical makes you feel satisfied and calm.

I will publish #2 soon.

Enjoy your lunch!

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