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Yesterday I had a lover tell Me that the quality of his life changed a year ago.
When I asked him what was the trigger for that, he replied that it was the time he started to see escorts.

His comment really moved me!!!
It really reminded me of how important it really is to have sexual intimacy, playfulness, shameless sexuality and real, authentic connection with a lover!
Yes the sex is great, but the energy exchange between a companion and her lover has so much more layers and depth Than just a superficial sex session.... Or At least it should! We should both walk away feeling richer for the experience of time spent together and I have to say, nine times out of ten I do!

I guess, being someone who is so naturally open with sex and having a past of lots of lovers in my life perhaps I've taken it for granted how much of a gift it is. How important it is. How much joy and fullness it brings to connect with others. (Not everyone is as fortunate to be a hot girl with a high sex drive, yearning to develop emotional intelligence and feel deep intimacy and connection with so many!!!... I forget some people are trying to live a "normal" life or at least they feel that's what they 'should' do lol )

What I offer to you, the companionship, the feminine warmth, the playfulness, the sexiness, the laughter .... the softness of my body and heart is such a gift, a gift I love to share and feel honoured to share.... and equally I have to say that my time with my lovers is also a gift, I learn so much, I get so much advice, I hear so many life stories/experiences/perspectives that I'm always learning and growing from this exchange of energy too.

Would I give up all this richness for a 'normal' life? ..... Were all so conditioned, sometimes I ponder it... And then I always seem to have a deeply enriching booking with a man who values what I offer and It brings me back to this truth... That I also genuinely love and value what I do!

I guess what us 'working women' offer isn't just sex, connecting with our lovers in all of the ways we do adds a certain richness to life's experiences, and I'm so glad I'm on the journey!

I hope you've enjoyed reading my latest diary entry!

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Big kisses


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