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Well, I have to say there are some yummy friendly faces in Sydney so far!

Last night I spent the night in one of my favourite hotels.
QT has such sexy rooms!!!! The wall at the bed head is totally covered in red leather, sexy mood lighting and a bath tub to die for!
I checked in early in my skin tight red dress and killer heels, I feel like such a super star in this trendy hotel :):)
I put some awesome music and poured myself a glass of organic red wine ( I heard it's better for you lol).
My date knocked on the door finally and I felt to excited to meet him, Mister D and I had been conversing via email and he sounded really easy going and up for a good time!

He stood at the door in a sexy suit, my pussy tingled and I bite my lip and invited him in.
Mister D and I had a few hours to play so we hung out on the bed drinking wine and laughing together, we got on with such a nice flow, the nervousness that was felt at the beginning quickly vanished, I think my genuine interest and affectionate nature makes men feel comfortable with me very quickly.
It wasn't long before i drew in for some tender kisses and cuddling!

I ran my hands over Mister Ds face and hair, I love affectionate caresses. :)
We took our time to get horny and naked and then decided to jump in the shower together.

It was so hot to be naked and washing each other in this super sexy hotel bathroom! I got down on my knees and got busy with some delicious kissing, licking and sucking! Sometimes I'm very greedy lol
Everyone knows my passion for having my mouth full by now with the cock worship 101 I posted a while back lol :)

Slippery shower sex was on the cards tonight and I was already so wet and ready for him.

After some xxx fun we both shared some of our favourite musical tracks with each other for a while, had a little more wine and sexy kisses... It wasn't long before I got my oil out and gave Misted D a naked oil massage, I used some of the massage techniques I learnt in India. Long firm oily strokes and some tender caresses too of course, I gave him a really yummy full body massage, back, arms, head, bottom and legs,.. Occasionally pleasuring myself rubbing my oily naked tits and pussy on him.... When I was all done I asked him to turn onto his front but then in the face of his delicious manhood I got totally distracted from the massage I have to admit!
It was just more x rated play from then on

What else does Sydney have on the cards for me I wonder!!

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