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Shibari/intimacy and authenticity as a companion.

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Wow! I had such a mind altering weekend this weekend.

I spent the weekend with a group of people practising Shibari. The Japanese art of rope bondage.
It was very sensual, very playful and also very moving. The teacher spoke a lot about connection with you partner and how in the way we live now the art of intimacy and connection between two people is often forgotten. It was so fun to tie and be bound in the workshop, to experience a taste of being surrender and at the will of someone I know and trust. We got some beautiful photos of some of the binding too! Of course Sophia noir and I played together for some of the workshop. It was so much fun! (Maybe we could offer this in a date! Who knows... I have my rope ready to go)

What the workshop really brought to light was the issue of genuine intimacy, quality intimacy that one receives from another.

It's one thing to come home and have sex and it's another to make the time investment into playing with your partner, feeling each other's bodies, playing with strength , weakness,, soft caressing, rough play... domination and submission.. Blind folding, fine tuning the touch sensations of the body, feeling the breathing of the other ... The hotness of the breath, the rhythm .... Even non sexual touch is too rare... We all need extra love and care :):):)

When your totally focused and devoted to being exactly where you, with the person you are with without distractions it can really deeply affect the quality of the time and experience of your partner.

What I aim to offer is something authentic, a fully present women, feeling each other, BEING with you, laughing... Chatting.. Genuine connection and relaxation,.

So often in life (maybe most of the time for some) we are in one place with our bodies and in another with our minds.

When a started this work I promised myself that if I started disconnecting from myself and my lovers in the throws of love making, chatting or whatever ... that I would take a step back from my position as a companion.

I strive to not only practise presence with you, I will also practise having an open heart to myself and to you for the time were together too.

I want our time together to be a place where were just one absorbed with the other. That's what I strive for in my interactions with my lovers.

And let's see... Maybe my work with Shibari has only just begun!

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