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Hi my loves
It's been a while since I wrote a little something something here!
It's been that weird time in Melbourne where it's hot one minute cold the next! I've found myself running into my house feeling so stressed that I've been wearing clothes all day! You can see a trail of clothing on the floor as I throw them on the ground while wondering around the house.
It's really so funny!

All I can say is thank god I have found a job that I can wear very little and nothing 99.9% of the time!

I recently had a request to dress as a sexy office PA... Honestly, I wore yhT shirt for a good ten minutes and I was glad when it was passionately ripped off me!

I guess I'm just a natural nudie!
I remember dancing in strop clubs and feeling so naughty and liberated when I strolled through the club at the end of the night completely naked!
I remember being at a nudist beach in Byron bay, laying completely nude, my skin warm in the sunshine... When I would see someone approaching I would just spread my legs a little wider so the passer by could peak at my pussy... I enjoy being a slut sometimes! (Well alot of the time!) it's just so gorgeous to enjoy my sexuality and be comfortable to relax naked alone or in the company of my lovers.

Thank you guys for supporting my addiction to nudity.. Without you I would be in an office in a prison made of cotton and nylon!

Kisses love Louella :)

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