escort diary of Louella York

My moment as a Geisha, "Nyotaimori" Sushi anyone...

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I'm just sitting with a Cosmopolitan here in Canberra and I thought why not write a little diary entry!! It's been a while!

Oh wow this tour has surely started with a huge bang!
Kate King and I were so excited to have a hot date again last night!
Kate arrived at my hotel room with a suitcase full of hot outfits and brand new luxury sex toys.. I think I have truely found my partner in crime! So sexually liberated, the girl next door with a not-so secret porn star life style!
We had been invited to our lovers house as a decadent early birthday treat we packed his birthday card and our bag of tricks and went on our way!

Kate and i took our roles very seriously of course! We made sure we were both wrapped in ribbon and a bow matching our lingerie!

We got a few shocked stares leaving the hotel... Both looking like we're ready for some serious trouble! The top of Kate's stocking just showing under her slightly too short black dress!

It didn't take us long before we were drinking wine together, giggling, making out, taking off layers of clothing to reveal our stockings and lace suspender belts.

The birthday boy invited Kate to be the Nyotaimori (human table for sushi!) but of course I was bouncing off the walls desperate to be the table so Kate gracefully agreed she would dine from my naked body in this Occassion!

I layed on the Turkish rug with a few pieces of sushi layed on my skin, Kate stroked my skin birthday boy filled his mouth with wine and gave me some generous wine filled kisses.
I felt so exposed and naughty... It was so much fun!
Kate fed me some delicious pieces of sushi too but it was not long before she wanted to play with her new strap on and of course the birthday boy couldn't argue with that!

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