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I love to be fucked... It's no secret..

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my first adventure in a private house. Well I'm still quite new and have only been to a few hotels until now!
I was a bit apprehensive at first but as soon as I met
XXX I was feeling hot. We alighted and connected right away, so relaxed and friendly...

In his mid 30's again as soon as I saw him I was attracted to him. He seemed so laid back and he made me a delicious cocktail. I was hungry to give him affection as soon as I arrived, tender kisses and stroking his body. Our kisses came together perfectly and I felt I could totally surrender and unwind into him. I let myself be totally be in the moment, being absorbed by sensual pleasure..
XXX had long hair tied in a tight pony tail , I took his hair down so I could run my fingers through his hair and pull him into me while we made out.
It wasn't long before we were naked on the sofa rubbing my hot pussy on his cock... Getting harder by the minute.... a new cock I haven't seen before, haven't tasted yet, haven't felt inside me... it excited me... I felt my pussy throb..
I could tell it would be a nice cock and when I got his clothes off I was right. I grabbed it and kissed the tip, tasting, smelling... Ummm I love being such a sexy slut! I tugged on his firm Balls and licked them rubbing my face in this balls...
He invited me into the bedroom where Crawled onto the bed and slowly Peeled off my knickers, keeping my stockings and suspenders on of course... He spread my legs apart and buried his head between my legs, his talented tongue vibrating on my clit. Fuckkkk Again I let myself slip into sensual pleasure in this moment as it is... Totally dissolved in pleasure ... A moment popped into my mind of shock and gratitude that Im actually getting paid to be here, I'm such a naughty lucky little girl :)

I couldn't be without his delicious hard dick in my mouth anymore! Sitting up and adjusting into a 69 position, I wanted him on top of me with his cock and balls deep down my throat, eyes watering tasting him, breathing him... Oh my god I must be hungry for this guy, I even want to lick his arse hole... I want to taste all of him.
I get his cock all slippery wet with spit and gentle play with it while I suck on his balls and work my way to his arsehole. Just gently teasing him with my fingers and tongue.
I work my way up and down for a while, then draw this solid cock back down the back of my throat. I want to choke on it while he licks my pussy. I love to suck cock so hard that my eyes water, especially while I'm getting some deep finger action,
After a while of sucking his delicious throbbing cock I want him inside me so bad. I spit on my hand and rub my juices into my pussy and then push him deep inside me. He fucks me fast and hard, furiously, he brings my legs up in the air and holds them while he fuck me. I watch him.... His facial expressions, the tension in his arms and legs... Fuck this guy is sexy, his handsome face, long sexy hair, he looks even more wild and delicious when he's fucking me deep and ferociously.

We played, laughed, fucked, sucked, drank and relaxed In his spa looking into the stray dark night.... Beautiful night in my world. Xxxx

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