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The Unsolicited Dick Pic.

Now I've received quite a few of these in my time, in my work & personal life.
There's always that absolute deadbeat of a human who will try to defend their horrid actions.

"But aren't you doing the same"
"She posted cleavage, it's her own fault"
"Well she should cover up then"
"You shouldn't post half nude/ nude/ pics and be surprised when you get a dick photo"
Ect ect ect ect full of TERRIBLE excuses.

First and foremost, no one, absolutely NO ONE is holding a gun to your head MAKING you view escorts / SW / Porn Stars / NSFW content on the web - anywhere.

You act as like we are making you look at it?
We are suffocating your computers & phones with our lady bits. No - YOU are making that decision in life to follow us on multiple platforms.
YOU are making the conscious decision to look at our pages.
YOU are following us (mostly) for that exact reason, to see the NSFW content.
If you simply were offended or didn't want to see it, you would unfollow us, not look at our pages.
By posting this content online - this isn't directed at anyone. If you follow us, you can see it. If you view our pages, you can see it.
YOU are choosing to see it.

Now it comes to the unsolicited dick pic, you are turning this shit personal.
This is being sent to private emails, phones, direct messages. You are sending it DIRECTLY to a person who has no warning that they are about to be ambushed by your dick cheese.

You have the CHOICE to view our content.
We do NOT have the choice to not see a picture you are sending directly to us, because we don't know what the email contains. It could be a genuine booking enquiry - but no, it's your stupid pants mushroom invading my inbox again.

You are constantly trying to defend your actions by saying that it's our fault, we provoked you?
No - you are just a man child.

The moment you send a picture DIRECTLY to someone, you are turning that personal.

If you honestly can't see the difference, we have a bigger problem. Stupidity. Ignorance.

This mindset transfers to a lot of situations.
Girls showing cleavage? Oh she must be a slut.

Actually no, she must be a female.
Females have breasts incase you weren't aware.

Just because you get a hard on from all our fabulous pictures & videos on the web - that does not make it okay for you to send us a photo of said hard on.
It's pathetic, and I would really prefer not to be put off my dinner please.

So before you start slipping down those tracksuit pants of yours to reveal your lil hairy - usually dirty fella... take a second thought. NOT A GOOD IDEA. Do not make that decision - or it'll be our decision to show everyone online what you're packin'.

So put it away, no one wants to see it.
Unless someone consents to wanting a photo of your man beef - NEVER press that send button.

Lola grace - xoxo

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