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Why I don't see clients who can't form a simple, polite first point in contact.

Well I could honestly go on for hours about how frustrating it is, but I will give you the brief detail why.
This is based on my own personal preference.

Firstly, I don't see the reason why it is SO hard for some to compose a simple text message.
There is a template in multiple positions of my advertising to help you if you are in fact stuck on what to say.
There is also multiple paragraphs stating how I like to be contacted, when is the best time to contact me in order
to get a timely response, what information to include....etc.
I don’t put this information here for shits n gigs, which is obviously what some of you think..
This information is there to help you. Help you in contacting me, Help you in having a successful request.

The moment you either just choose to not read this information or choose to disregard it.. I choose to not see you.

When a client contacts me, this is simply a request. It in no way gains you access to me.

For any polite human being, contacting comes easy. If it's your first time, maybe you're a little nervous.
So why not take the chance to read all information that is available to you in order for it to go smoothly.
Then of course from time to time, just overall rude people will contact me. I get that, but that doesn't mean it's not frustrating.

I already work a full time day job. A job where I'm dealing with frustrating people all day long.
I am not going to then come home to my own business and do the same. I am doing this to have an escape from that.

If you honestly just find it way to hard to come up with a polite message - then DON'T bother contacting me.
You won't get anywhere. I try to just ignore bad correspondence, sometimes when I am a little bored, I can't help
but put my two cents in. This will never be favourable to you - and will result in your number being blocked.

Examples of unacceptable messages to me.
"Hi/Hey/Hello" "Hey u avail/available/free" "Hi Baby/Babe/Darling/Sexy/Any other pet name" ect...
If you send me any of the above - I will not see you.

Examples of acceptable contact.
"Hi Lola, My name is (NAME). I would like to make a booking on (DATE) at (TIME) for (DURATION)hr/hrs. This will be from my Melb CBD hotel. Thanks for your time, James"

"Hey Lola, I Noticed you were touring (CITY). Just wondering if I could make a booking for (DATE) at (TIME) for (DURATION) hr/hrs. Can you please bring (OUTFIT) in your photos :). Kind regards (YOUR NAME)"

In your contact to me, it is requested you include your Name, Date, Time & Duration of booking. Also location has I have a few touring dates up at the moment, we don't want to get confused.

This is not my full time income, I am not depending on your booking to continue on with my life. I have a 0 tolerance policy for humans who just decided to ignore the information I have provided.

In my eyes, if you're choosing to disregard simple information to start with.. what else will you be negligent with?

So moral of my essay,
If you're genuinely stuck - do your research.
If you're just looking to waste my time - don't bother you won't win.
If you are a polite and courteous human who knows how to write a message - then message away!

You should contact me like you would contact any other business professional. That's what this is, a business transaction. The moment you don't treat it like one, is the moment I don't proceed with meeting you.

I can promise you from clients who have made it through the very simple process that I have gone above and beyond for. I am a very friendly and down to earth person. I am just ruthless when it comes to people wanting to waste my time.

It's super easy, don't make it hard!

Lola xx

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