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“The Lucy Experience“

A welcoming whore in all sense of the word. A truly passionate goddess, whom takes pride in treating my Lover’s with the respect and satisfaction YOU deserve. As I walk us through our journey of self discovery with our sexual encounters, I will show you what its like to be in my world. My world solely depends on you and YOUR satisfaction. My true passion is to see you in pure ecstasy and submit myself completely to you. To see you.. and hold you at the peak of your climax while sustaning it, is my ultimate fetish. I love to be dominated and told what a “good little girl” I am. I will thrive and flourish every time you whisper those three little words to me while teasing and tantalising my throat with your delicate touch. I’ve always evolve my skills and enjoy developing new and exciting way to tease and seduce you with my body, mind and ability to think outside the boundaries and re-invent the art of Intimacy and passion.
I provide many different encounters from the girlfriend, Porn star to kinks and role play. But one thing that you will have to experience for yourself, is the LUCY experience. The genuine loving touch and almost instant sense of relief when you discover you have finally made it home... To your safe place.

My in-call is located in the Greater City of Wollongong in the CBD, But lucky for me it’s where the beach meets the forests. With the smell of salt and the breath taking view of mountains and greenery, I do believe this tranquillity helps enhance my “retreat” feel and somewhat soul cleansing experiences. My aim in this game is to have you left feeling like you have been recharged, as well as inspired sexually. Together we will take your journey to your ultimate fantasy at Lucy’s cabin in the woods. I’ll lead you to a place, so euphoric you’ll soon understand the meaning of ‘The Lucy Experience”.

Little miss Lucy
Lucy Price

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