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Booking an Escort For You and Your Partner

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Couples bookings (specifically MF, although I'm always open to FF and MM couples as well!) now account for around 20% of my business. Although is can be daunting (even to well-established and experienced escorts), I really enjoy them. There's something extra special about being invited to join a loving couple in the bedroom, I'm always honoured when I receive a couples' booking. It takes a huge amount of courage and trust to have a discussion with your partner about opening up your sex-life to include another person, and I always congratulate my couples on taking the plunge.

In my opinion, booking an escort is the best way to open up your relationship and experience a threesome. I've heard horror stories of couples who have invited friends or individuals they have found on websites like Red Hot Pie, and emotions (and sometime inexperience!) often cause big issues during or after the event occurs. When you book an escort like myself for your couples' booking, you're guaranteed to have a professional who knows how to pleasure both men and women (and genuinely enjoys it!), and, most importantly, leaves at the end of the session and doesn't try to imitate further emotional or physical contact with either party.

Are you and your partner thinking about booking an escort to join you in the bedroom? Here's my advice, as well as a general idea of the process from initial phone contact to sexual contact ;)

1) The woman in the relationship should always reach out first to the escort. Whenever I've the male has contacted me first, I always ask to speak directly to his partner, and ask that this occurs without him near the phone. This way, I can assess if she's a) genuinely interested, b) not feeling pressured, c) won't feel threatened or upset. I've turned down numerous couples after chatting with the female partner because women are much more comfortable opening up to other women, and she'll let me know that it's his idea and she wants to please him, but she's actually not into it as all. I want everyone to have a good time, a threesome isn’t about just one person getting their rocks off. It has to be *both* partner’s fantasy.

2) Once I've chatted to both partners, and if this is their first time experimenting with extra person in the bedroom, I ask them to have at least 24 hours to think about it before contacting me again. Sometimes they'll contact me, sometimes they won't. I want to make sure that everyone is 100% comfortable in their decision, as well as give the couple some time to discuss it together.

3) When the time finally arrives, I'll reach out via text to confirm the booking and make sure that everyone is feeling comfortable and excited. Usually by this point, it's a big mix of nerves and excitement from both partners and it gets me very excited as well!

4) Once I arrive, I spend at least 15 minutes (not counted towards the booking time!) chatting with the couple and breaking the ice. I like to know how long they've been together, where they met, and their favourite things about each other. From here, I'll slowly open it up to talk of a more sexual nature. We'll set boundaries, and I'll explain that if that at any time during our session either of them feels uncomfortable, all they must do is speak up.

5) Then we get right into it! I spend the majority of my time focussing on pleasuring the woman (sorry gents!), I find this is gets all of us off and avoids any potential emotional upset. I love pleasuring women (I date women more so than men in my private life), and nothing gives me greater pleasure then introducing a woman to her first girl-on-girl experience. I'll only ever have sex with the man if his partner specifically instructs me to (i.e.:" I want to watch you fuck him"). Likewise, I'll only ever provide oral to the gent if his partner has given me the green light to do so (same goes with kissing and any other form of sexual contact).

6) I often find that the couple are so turned on by having me pleasure the female, that when it's time for the main event all they want to do is fuck each other like crazy! I LOVE this. I'll often participate by passionately kissing the woman, or licking her clit whilst her partner fucks her from behind, but often all they see is one another. It's actually really beautiful. Sometimes, introducing another person into the bedroom makes you realise how sexy your own partner is and that you are so goddamn lucky to have such an incredible person in your life.

7) I leave. I don't reach out to either party unless they reach out *as a couple* again to me.

My general rule for the couples' threesome: the power is always in the hands of the female in the relationship. After I've seen a couple more than once, I often find that the boundaries will become a little looser as they begin to feel more comfortable and trusting with me, and we can experiment with each other more.

Thinking about opening up your relationship to include a third person in the bedroom? Read this article with your partner, and discuss it *in depth* together. Ready to take the next step? Get in touch - I can't wait to meet you both!

Lilly xxx

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