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As you might already know at this point, I'm Lilly. The ever bubbly escort, but who am I really? Well I can tell you one thing right off the bat, I'm not always the best at talking about myself, so you'll have to bare with me here.

I grew up in a coastal town, graduated high-school and went on to university as I had always intended. Ever the dreamer I enrolled in courses pertaining to the environment and animals, hoping to go on to save endangered species. The lack of funding toward animal and environmental pursuits in Australia meant that there were ever fewer jobs in that field for graduates, so with that in mind I made a switch to the social sciences. The best thing I discovered in my first year of social science was that many of the non-fiction books I had read purely out of interest were hugely relevant to the courses I was taking, talk about luck! That's when it became ever apparent that the 'school of life' can be just as educational as formal study; so long as you maintain a healthy level of curiosity, something I was never short of (then, or now). Although my career and study path has been a little wishy-washy at times, it was probably to be expected given my interest in all the different things life has to teach, and offer. That's exactly where escorting comes in!

The freedom I have to pursue my hobbies, interests, and study is solely because of this lifestyle, I couldn't be happier. To top all that off, I get to meet and benefit from the life experience of other people (fellow escorts and clients alike)!

That's about all the one sided conversation I can muster right now, so, until next time xoxo

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