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Evolution of an Escort – Cherry Popped

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His accent turned me on the minute we spoke on the phone.
I couldn't wait to follow his orders in that sexy voice....

My English Gentleman wanted submissive service.
After meeting in the CBD for a drink at a nearby cocktail bar, we went up to his room.

And he took charge.

"On your knees"

The enjoyment I received from his hands in my hair as I took his length down my throat, his weight against my back as he pushed me against the wall and ordered me to stay still, was almost too sublime to pollute with simple syllables.

When I came on his face, I laughed with joy. I came again whilst he was fucking me from behind; his fist in my hair as he held me me bent over a table, ordering me to watch in the mirror, not allowing me to look away..... My orgasm was unexpected, the build–up brief; it's climax exponential and the result highly satisfying...
As was the expression of raw lust and ragged pleasure he wore as he painted my face with his seed.

I witnessed my own utter immersion, yet from a distance.
I felt great satisfaction in my own bliss, but was less invested in it than I was in his.

A job well done, my feelings were only of elation and pride; and nowhere to be found were the prickles of guilt, or rising tide of shame that I had feared and somewhat expected.

In those moments of observation, I became aware of a part of my consciousness whispering earnestly from somewhere inside my head.
During the giddy cab ride home the whisper became a shout:

".....Why haven't you done this sooner?!"

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