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The method to my madness

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"So what do you like?" he many have before him.

I pondered thoughtfully this time, cocking my head to the side. "Basically I love to please, I love to find what it is with each individual person that makes them tick. I love the exploration of finding it, I love being close with them, feeding off their body language and their sighs, I love interpreting their comments and movements to find what it is they need of me. I love the way a lovers breathing changes and his pulse quickens, I love that look in his eyes as my seduction plays its part, and he loses touch with reality, moving to an ecstatic place of bliss. That's what I like. I love the look of satisfaction that spreads across my lovers face as I discover piece by piece why it is they came to see me, and what it is that's going to have their spirits and bodies soaring for days to follow."

"Well that's from a business perspective- you have to say that" he commented, almost bemused

"No, that's not true. I don't have to say that, and I certainly don't have to think that. Your satusfaction is my satisfaction. Sure, in this instance, it bodes well for me to acheive that from a business sense, but personally that's that gratifcation I seek. It turns me on to know that what I'm doing pleases you byond comprehension, that I've made you feel on top of the world because our dalliance, that you'll leave my company with a glow to your skin and a cheeky sparkle in your eye. That turns me on"

"Mmm but what positions do you like?" he asked, still considering my reply

"How can I have a preference when each lover is so different? Each experience is so individiual and unique, each time the chemistry changes and our bodies fir together in a different algorithm of passion. How could I have a prefenece for something when each experience is changing and evolving? My prefernce is to embark on the discovery together of what feels best for us together....isn't that a much more exciting way to find out what gets me hot?"

"Yeah but surely there's a favourite" he presses

"I love sex, I love pleasing, I love being pleased. How can you pick a favourite when the whole experience is so delicious, maybe you should tell me what you think I enjoyed the most once we have had the opportinity to explore and indulge in one and other...?" I replied cheekily.

Each day I look forward to the intimate puzzles I have to play and solve behind closed doors, both the sensual and the raunchy moments shared with new lovers. That's what brings me satisfaction.

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