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"I better go down and get them..." I smiled down at him, eyeing him lustfully before caving in to his charm, leaning forward to kiss his ever so inviting lips.

He grabbed me by the waist, pulling me forward causing me to fall on top of him on the lounge, kissing me passionately, as he pulled my body closer. I giggled at him, so turned on by his innocent, boyish looks and natural charisma. I wanted him. Bad.

I pulled away, jumping away from him quickly, walking towards the door.

"I'll be back" I smiled over my shoulder, hips swaying rhythmically as I walked out the door, knowing very well how much he'd rather have me pinned to that lounge and driving himself hard between my legs.

The 'them' I was referring to was my friends who were joining us at a fetish party that night. We were pre-drinking together before heading to the club.

We drank all together in the hotel and all was ok, they chat and mingled. They got along, though he definitely had most of my attention. He was quietly driving me wild without even all.

He had me swooning, it almost felt inappropriate my friends were there at times. He was my key to the intimacy I'd been lacking. The energy we had was incredible, the eye contact, the touches, the kisses, it all felt so right.

"Are you ready?" He asked holding my collar up ready to put on me.

I nodded, biting my lip as I felt my pulse quicken with anticipation of
the leather collar being secured around my neck. I'd be his.

He did up my leather collar before attaching my metal leash that he held in his hand. He was in control. He was the boss. He owned me.... for the night.

Little butterflies crept into my belly as I sat with him, legs draped over his as he'd kiss me; looking me in the eyes... while holding my lead. I'm not sure I can articulate the exact feeling because I can't quite place it. It was pleasing me intensely to know I was his, that I was handing him my submission and he was to take control.

Heading to the club he always had my hand, or arm around me while of course holding my lead in his other hand. I felt content, relaxed, excited by these simple gestures alone.

I love these fetish nights so much because everyone is in their element. They are happy, they are free from judgement and they are able to let go, just do their thing. Everyone was free. It was the release I needed. Freedom. Ironic I find it in being restricted with leather, chains and directions.

We were just two in a sea of almost naked bodies mixed with black latex, leather and chains. Quite a scene for the unfamiliar or at least the more vanilla. For me though, contentment was flooding my body in waves. I felt incredible in my shiny thigh high street walker boots, expensive black bodysuit and my leather collar and cuffs surrounded by lack of judgement.

I was becoming mesmerized by the man holding on to my lead, indulging in the most public displays of affection, he had me pinned against walls or against his body, kissing me intensely as his hand grabbed my ample ass. Restricting my movements further by holding my hands above my head, or behind my back. I was equally oblivious to everyone around me as I was incredibly turned on by the fact they were there.

I was trying to divide my attention equally between my friends and the man I was magnetically drawn toward, but it was a challenge. He had my intense focus.

I was pulsating with desire, insatiable for his touch and attention.

"Turn around and stay here" he commanded, handcuffing my hands to the staircase above my head. Automatically a smile crept to my lips as he kissed me before walking away, I was alive and buzzing with anticipation.

I watched the crowd while I waited, noting the enormous amount of respect held between people and couples. Everyone was simply in their element and radiated with pure enjoyment.

"Turn around" he commanded on his return "I want you to count backward from 10 with each spank"
I nodded. "10" I replied in agreement.

Without a second to spare he brought his hand down hard on my ass. I could feel the instant warmth from the blood flooding to the area. Smiling to myself I followed his instructions.

"9" I winced with the impact of his hand, it was slightly harder this time.

"8" Again he brought his hand down on my already red ass. By this point I wanted him bad.

I counted backward and each spank got harder and harder, my ass more sensitive with each hand print.

We both had a point to prove. He was in control but I could take it. And not only take it but love it.

"1" I spoke slowly, tensing my muscles, and biting my lip knowing it'd hurt. "Arghhh fuck!" I cried out at the last painful slap.

He reached up, gently unclipping my handcuffs before tenderly kissing me and rubbing my ass softly, kissing my neck intimately.

"Can we go back to the hotel now?" I whispered into his ear, desperate to have him inside me.

We made our way back to the hotel, departing my friends at the club, I couldn't wait to have him alone, I was so wet for him.

Inside the room we quickly became wrapped in each other, my head spinning as his lips moved from mine, down my neck as he began to undress me.

Once I was in an adequate state of nudity, he gently pushed me backward toward the bed before instructing me to lie facedown, securing my hands and legs in their correct position for this session.
He secured a rubber gag in my mouth and fastened my blindfold over my eyes before silently leaving the room. My heart was racing, between my legs was soaking wet, dripping while he made me wait.
I could hear him in the shower, the waiting was killing me. I squirmed around the bed, testing out how much I was restricted, the excitement nearly killing me.

He came silently back over to the bed, tracing my body with a feather before lightly flicking my ass with a small whip, playfully making me flinch unsure what was coming next.

"Let's play again... count backward from 10" he said with a smile in his voice.

I did as I was told. Crying out with each impact. He was trying very hard to hurt me and I was trying very hard to be tough. My ass was burning.

We played over and over. I squirmed and threw myself, tensing and crying with each hand print or whip. Though I was gagged, he secured it light enough for me able to speak and voice my safe word if I needed. It was the first time we had properly played and he wanted me to know I was safe. Everything about the scenario set my senses on fire.

"Oh my god just FUCK ME already!!" I screamed as the pain was getting more intense.

He took that as his cue to bury his face between my legs before thrusting himself into me hard.
"Oh god! Yes!" I cried through gritted teeth. He began fucking me hard while I was tied to the bed, before quickly releasing me from my restraints, flipping me over, kissing me deeply before reaching for my throat.

I closed my eyes in bliss, grinding myself against him, as his perfect and hard cock continued to slam in and out of me. Passion was exploding, he had me spinning with my hands behind my head and his hands firmly around my neck where they belong.

He fucked me hard before we both came intensely, him cumming all over my face, tongue out waiting to taste him. Then falling against each other's sweaty bodies, nuzzling into each other. I felt almost euphoric with him curled around me.

Our cuddles and kisses went from gentle to heated once more the longer we lay there. We fucked and we fucked, becoming more intimate and slightly more lazy the more we kept going.

We fell asleep exhausted, my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe.
"It feels so good to cuddle you" he whispered, kissing my forehead then my lips gently.

This night was everything I didn't know I was missing. It was everything I craved both consciously and unconsciously. It opened my world back up, I felt free and more importantly, I felt like me. It was the intimacy I don't have, or haven't had in such a long time.

It was the excitement and the unknown, I felt happy and content in a way I can't recall being. For such a sexual person I've felt strangely repressed by my career. As crazy as that seems, with sex being my work.
Not sure where things will go with this guy, but count me in for the ride.

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