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A little about me....

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A little bit about me...
1. I began in the adult industry to fund an online boutique I launched. Sex work quickly took priority
2. I stayed in the industry because I loved it, it was the first career I enjoyed thoroughly
3. I love Couples bookings. There’s something incredible about being invited into the bedroom of a couple in love, watching the intimacy between people is something I’ll never grow tired of
4. The single best aspect of sex work for me is knowing that my time spent with a client will be fondly remembered
5. I live to create, I love to draw and to paint
6. I began studying fashion degree as a hobby because I had an abundance of time and it quickly began to take over my life and become a priority.
7. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer but it wasn’t until My career in the adult industry became all that I dreamed of and my confidence grew that I knew I could achieve any other goal I’d set.
8. I believe all women should treat themselves to an expensive set of lingerie, a set of designed heels and a handbag at some point
9. I’d move to Japan in a heart beat if my commitments allowed
10. I have to eat gluten free and that alone makes my burger addiction a challenge
11. I love to start and end the day with yoga
12. My favourite bookings involve a respectful gentleman, dinner, champagne, good conversation maybe a spa bath along with our intimate time in the bedroom
12. I adore how diverse my clients are, I never tire of meeting new people and getting to know them
13. I feel blessed that my role as a sex worker allows me to see a side of people not many others get to see
14. I love joining my clients for social events , it’s always so fun to play somewhat of a secret role
15. I happily spend more money on lingerie then any other piece of clothing

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