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Why I 'Chucked a U-ey' Straight Back to Australia

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I grew up between a busy suburb of London and a quaint, small country village, about an hour outside of the big smoke. Having spent a lot of time between the two and being fortunate enough to be a very well-travelled youth, I always knew that I would eventually live overseas. Now, don’t get me wrong; I am very proud to be British. However, there are many aspects of my culture that simply don’t suit me. I always felt somewhat ‘alien’ in my own country; perhaps a little too liberal, too ‘kooky’ and quite simply… too much. I have always been a strong character, not afraid to push the boundaries and venture outside of the box. That’s why when I decided on a whim to move to Australia in 2014, nobody was surprised. On my merry way I went, and a six-month trip ended up turning in to a year. It was from then that I knew Australia would be my forever home. Thus, here I am – a British expat, loving Australian life. I spend half of my time living a beautifully isolated suburban costal life, and half my time soaking in the chaos of Sydney. Isn’t it funny how we often return to circumstances so similar to where we came from? So, if you are proud to be Australian or simply a fellow lover of this beautiful country, read on as I list the five reasons why I fell in love with life down under.

1. The wildlife. Whilst I grew up in a place where rabbits, hedgehogs, foxes and deer roamed free, the thing I loved best on my first trip here was birdsong. Waking up in the morning to hear the magpies sing and the kookaburras laugh is something I’ve never found anywhere else.

2. The carefree vibe. Barefoot in supermarkets, finishing work at 4pm and thongs (or flip-flops) being uniform footwear; all alien concepts to somebody who is used to late nights at the office and boots with thick socks! This along with being told what I’ve requested is ‘too easy, mate’ makes me want to take my time, soak up what I’m doing and simply enjoy the moment. Aussies invented the whole concept of mindfulness!

3. The friendliness. Considering I hail from a city where it’s strange to make eye contact with anybody on the London underground (let alone smile!), being greeted with a constant stream of how-are-you’s is something I always craved. If you’ve met me, you would know that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am extremely affectionate and caring. I like to talk to strangers (sorry Mum) and make friends wherever I go. Flying in to Australia last month really reminded me of this friendliness; on a ten hour flight, I made about five friends. This simply doesn’t happen where I’m from (despite my best efforts). Where I live now, simply popping to the shops turns in to a social event, what with how many acquaintances I run in to. This is the least lonely place in the world!

4. The weather. Okay, okay; this one’s slightly too obvious. But being able to head to the beach at 5pm in the summer and it still being perfect is something I’ll never get bored of. I’m a beach bum, an outdoor lover and an adventure enthusiast. I am an awful Brit in that I can’t handle the cold, and most of winter sees me in hibernation. Plus, I look a lot better in a bikini than a onesie. Just saying.

5. Attitudes around sex. Okay, so perhaps Australia has a little catching up to do with some aspects (same sex marriage, racism and so forth), however it was in this country that I truly discovered myself sexually. I had my first threesome here, went to my first sex club here, did my first lapdance here and saw my first client here. This place is the land of the sexually liberated, supports sex workers with decent wages, respect and peer support. The way sex workers support each other on Twitter and real-life here knows no bounds, and in general, utilising a sex workers services is definitely more open and less ‘underground’ than in the UK. Hiring dancers and topless waitresses to make your event memorable is encouraged and being a sex worker as a full-time career is certainly more respected.

Thus, you can see why I choose to make my home here; animals, sunshine, kindness and sex. What more could a Brit want, right? Just don’t get me started on your tea…..

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