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Hello lovers, new and old.

You may have noticed that I’ve implemented a few changes to my packages and general structure of working. I have had a few weeks over the Christmas period to really sit down and think about what isn’t and what is working for me and I’m really excited to share these changes with you.
You may have noticed that I have scrapped my Vanilla Daiquri experience. The reason for this is that I had noticed that most clients that booked this automatically decided to upgrade to a Mojito GFE, which was previously a little bit more of a ‘kinkier’ experience. There were many reasons for this, but the main factor is that the Vanilla experience was a little more ‘basic’ – covered oral and less freedom overall. To be frank, this just isn’t how I work – I struggle with the whole concept of a ‘basic’ service, because I don’t consider what I do to be ‘basic’ or a ‘service’ at all, but rather an immersive experience. So, moving forward, the Mojito will be the default GFE – if you’d like this to be a bit more on the vanilla side, please communicate this when booking. It’s totally fine to request that we go slow, or perhaps you prefer covered oral – the ball is totally in your court on this one, so just let me know.

Somewhat related to this change is a very slight change to my ‘Dirty Martini’ experience, which was previously a full on porn star experience. Being naturally deviant, I really enjoy a classic PSE however I was finding that the stereotype of what a PSE is was scaring off some of my clients who love the more risqué acts, but still really enjoy the intimacy and connection of a GFE. This has always been very much ‘my brand’ – I have always marketed myself as a GFE with a PSE twist, right back from the days I first entered the industry. So, from here on in, the Dirty Martini is described as a ‘debaucherously dirty’ GFE, ensuring you get that passion and energy coupled with good conversation and laughter that a GFE brings to the table.

Speaking of GFE vibes, these days I am really enjoying my longer duration bookings; I’m finding 1.5. hours are perfect for first time meets and that two hour plus experiences are perfect for truly getting to know each other and connecting. That being said, I still love one hour bookings and don’t want to scrap these – so don’t worry, they’re still there! The main difference is that I have priced bookings 90 minutes plus a little more favourably, in addition to discounts being given to bookings longer than two hours. Part of the reason I want to really embrace this is that I consider myself very low volume and when I have a two hour plus booking, I won’t take on anymore clients that day. It means I can focus entirely on them before and during, without worrying about getting ready for my later booking. This is advantageous for both of us!
So, these are the main changes you might notice - & perhaps a few more. As always, I really appreciate you staying updated with what’s going on in my world. If you’ve not seen me before, I really hope to meet you soon – and if we have previously met, hopefully see you very soon!

With anticipation,
Laila Devereaux x

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