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The Nitty Gritty Escort Life: A Visual Representation

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First of all, this post does not serve as a criticism, but more a celebration. An appreciation. Twitter, Instagram and other avenues will have you believe that we escorts are booked up from the moment we turn our work phones on until we retire off to bed, but of course, it simply isn't true. Like any business, we experience rise and falls, loss and profit, good weeks and bad. One single client can make an incredibly good week, but the reverse is also true. See we, like you, have bills; bills that arrive weekly, fortnightly, monthly. However, unlike most, our payslip does not arrive on the same day every week, with the same number. Budgeting is a logistical nightmare. To truly suceed in this business, you need to perfect the fine art of managing money, diversifying income (if possible) and figuring out what goes where and when. Of course, this is problematic when the figure can rise and fall as fast as the tides (which are predictable, at least). I hope the image you see before you demonstrates just how uncertain this otherwise incredible industry can be.

This being said, if you are considering contacting a provider to arrange a booking, ask yourself one thing - 'how likely am I to commit to this?' If you have any doubt in your mind, do not book. If you are confident you can make it (even if you feel nervous, which is normal) but acknowledge that things also come up at the last minute, offer to pay a deposit. This ensures that at least in the event something happens, your provider is paid for the time she spends arranging and possibly getting ready for the booking. This establishes a positive relationship with your companion; potentially one that could last months, or even years. Thus, when life gets tough and you need a sanctuary to escape to, she will be there. for you and with you.

With this friendly pointer aside, I do hope I speak for my colleagues when I say this; to the clients who visit every week, fortnight, month or so, we appreciate and value you. Whilst we understand that life does sometimes gets in the way, we know that when the world has other things to do and our services are a luxury others cannot accomodate, you are there. We value your reliability, friendship and loyalty during these times especially, and you are the clients - amongst new, exciting faces - that can turn a seemingly bad week in to a good one. You remind us just why we chose this industry as ours. You are the kind of clients who make us smile when we close the door, and feel satisfied as we get in to bed at night. So for that, we thank you.

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