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Having recently combined my incall & home, I have changed my work schedule; and I am absolutely loving it! As some of you may know, I used to only take bookings on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I managed okay, but I had to try and cram in bookings during the three day window I was available and had my incall. That was tough; if myself and a client couldn't fix up a time for those three days, it had to wait until the following week. Plus, had obligations on the weekends at the time, which meant there was a whole demographic of wonderful, chilled out, loving the weekend types that I was missing out on.

I've been in my new place nearly a month now and boy, am I loving it. I've actually been working MORE, but my energy levels are through the roof - as is my thirst for sex! Why? Simple. Little, and often. For example, last week I had one booking per day, every single day. I was on top of the world; I get to see a client and have wonderful sex, yet still have time to go & get a great workout either before or after, and take my dog on an hour long walk all before it's dark out. I have time to catch up with friends (including my gorgeous new duo partner, Sasha) AND cook great, healthy food. I finished my week on Sunday night feeling accomplished rejuvenated and satisfied.

So, this new way of working is my new jam; a bundle of sexual, emotional and physical energy to throw to every single client I see, ensuring that when you leave, we both have a huge smile on our face. It's like every delicious thing in life; wine, chocolate, cake. A little bit, and often!

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