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What does it means to be a cougar?

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I recently received a delightful text from a young man in his 30s (young to me) referring to me as a "stunningly sexy cougar". I had no problem at all with the stunning or the sexy, but I hesitated a little on the cougar.

Am I a cougar?

Cougars to me have had some bad press. The word made me think of excessively made-up women my age or older, wearing clothes that would suit a 20 year old, hanging around in a dimly lit pub or club, and desperately hoping to attract the attention of someone young, male and hot. The key word here being desperate.

I don't think of myself as a cougar and never have. I'm a mature woman who enjoys sex. I always have, right back to when I first discovered it at the age of 17 which, let's face it, was quite a long time ago. Sex fascinates me. I've studied it, researched it since long before the internet.

The modern world seems to have cottoned on to the fact that women like me exist. According to the Urban Dictionary cougars are "attractive women, in their sexual prime, who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it."

I can live with that. And I've long enjoyed the company of younger men...

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