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A little personal history

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I'm coming up to the second anniversary of my new life, and I'm amazed every day by the way things have changed for me since November. 2017.

I woke up one Sunday morning two years ago and thought, "There has to be a better option." At the time I was working in a dead end office job, high on stress and low on money. I was as randy as a hutch full of rabbits on a full moon. I'd been hanging around internet dating sites since they were invented and was totally over them. I'd also been writing, and publishing, erotica for years but writing (unless you're J K Rowling) doesn't pay all that well.

In the course of my research for my erotica I'd found an interview with a working girl in Melbourne. She'd written a book about her experiences. One phrase stuck in my head - she said that there's a market for anyone, no matter how plump or how thin, how old or how young.

I lay in bed that Sunday morning and wondered if maybe one or two lovely Hobart gentlemen would be prepared to pay for the pleasure of my company, and perhaps, if the stars aligned, fuck me too. So I took a few rather bad selfies and posted my first advert, on a rather a tacky site I no longer use.

I could not believe the response. Not only men in my own age group, but men considerably younger. Delightful men, whose company I enjoyed (and still do). Fascinating individuals and truly superb lovers.

Some have become genuine friends. They may have visited me in a dry spell, and being able to relax with me meant that they've gone on to meet a woman they can relate to in a relationship sense. Others had wives they adore who, for one reason or another, could no longer make love. I now know there are as many different reasons for coming to see me as there are men.

I resigned from that dreadful office job two weeks later.

My new life seems more like a fairy tale than work. I get to travel to interesting places, dine in delightful restaurants with excellent company, have long conversations with fascinating men, but the icing on the cake is that I'm having the best sex that I've ever had in my entire life.

Life is indeed wonderful!

PS I'm adding a selfie I took recently. Someone wanted me to be his secretary for the afternoon, and I was quite happy with the result.

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