escort diary® of Kristen Jade

Things you won't know about me until you take my clothes off.

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1) Running your fingers across my right kneecap, you'll be surprised to find the texture is a little bumpy. I fell as a child and scraped it quite severely, and thus there's light scarring across there - but you can't tell until you touch it.

2) I have three prominent scars on my right thigh. I was burnt as a child. Yes, I was a very clumsy child.

3) I have the tattoo of a small "M" on my right hip. My friend was leaving the country, permanently moving to Britain, and although we'd only known each other for such a short time, she'd made such an impact on my life I needed a reminder of her. She bought a stick and poke kit, and I sat on her couch, watching a French film, as she steadily poked the ink into my hip with a single needle. I mourned the loss of her in my life. She flew back to Australia within two weeks of leaving - partially because of missing me dearly.

4) My fingertips, for someone who's a qualified cook, are softer than you think. However, they're still enough to deliver an electric shock as I caress the side of your face.

5) At any given point, I will have slight bruising, particularly on my ass and thighs. Perks of being a submissive. Perks of also being horrifically clumsy.

6) My tits have been called "genetically perfect" and "God's gift to mankind". You'll see why.

7) My lips, as all girls, are soft and inviting, perfect for welcoming your mouth to mine. Gentle kisses are ideal.

8) My waist-to-hip proportion is ideal for wrapping your hands around - it creates a natural indent to place your hands on as you guide my body to your will.

9) My eyes are piercing, yet gentle. I seek understanding and knowledge in all forms, so know that the greatest gift you can give to me is tales from your life.

10) The state of my hair is everchanging. The hair on my head constantly changes colour, and I can never decide on a style for my pubic hair. I like to think of it as a fun surprise, and it's equally as erotic, not knowing what you'll find.

Much love,

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