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Touring to Major Cities - Some talking points about all future tours.

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As many of you are aware i have been basically touring consistently since the beginning of the year. I have been to a range of different places and had alot of fun in many of them. But i want to talk about a few home truths about touring. Some of the things i talk about here you may have trouble accepting or want to pretend they dont apply to you. But please take this time to have some reflection and insight into yourself and see if it applies to you.

Point one - Gentlemen of Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. I want to seriously talk to you first. And i mean have a really proper discussion with you, without negativity. I will be honest. Something i get from alot of you on a regular basis is - When will you be in ...... (put your city here)? Now this on its own, not an issue but lets talk about what happens once i answer that question. So you want to know when i am visiting your town. Lets say i have been advertising the visit for a while on my website and advertising so i advise you when i will be visiting and send you a link to my tour page on my website and even mention it is listed in my advertising, and the reason i do this is because i want to make you aware that all this information can be found online for you to check out.

The following issue with this question is that the most common response i get from all of you once i have told you when i am in town is that you will call me on the day to arrange a time to meet me, Which i take as - Oh i want to know when your in town but i have no intention of actually following though with a booking at all. And literally 96% of men in these above cities who have told me this dont actually follow through or make bookings for my visit. And this is where my i require advance bookings and deposits if you want to spend time with me in those cities, and if you dont organise them the "Tour" wont go ahead. I will cancel visits to these cities if i dont get advance bookings and deposits unless i have an event of some kind i am attending in that town or some other form of commitment in town.

I will be honest with you, after this visit to Melbourne, I will be completely honest with you. Trips to Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane & Sydney will only proceed if advance bookings and deposits are paid. If i do not get advance bookings and deposits for these cities, they will be cancelled completely and i will not be available for you to come and see me. I have a trip to Brisbane in September which i am attending a charity ball event. But without advance bookings and deposits, my availability will be completely cancelled, so you have until the end of August to get your advance bookings & Deposits in if you dont want to miss out on spending time together.

I want you to understand some things. Especially when touring major cities it can be really expensive to do so. Flights, Accomodation, Transport to get around, Luggage costs on the flight, Advertising, Supplies to provide services to you, all these things add up and become very expensive. So if you arrive in a city where 90% of the guys who have contacted you refuse to commit to a booking, tell you they will call you when your in town but then dont call, it is an expensive trip that most of the time ends up not being worth it. So i have made the big decision that from now on, if i dont have enough confirmed bookings i just wont follow through with a trip and i will travel so one of my favourite country towns instead. So make sure you check my availability and if you want to spend time with me make sure you get in quick and come see me...

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