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Besides offering my escort and sexual services I also have a service which is non sexual and promotes the healing powers of touch. I offer a cuddle service which is something I enjoy and there are so many benefits to having this type of service. An excerpt from my Cuddles with Krissy website

"To put it simply it feels good to cuddle and to be cuddled.
Research provides us with evidence that shows that physical contact with others can have a positive effect on both our physical and mental health. When engage in touch or cuddles our brains produce chemicals called Serotonin and Oxytocin which are shown to make us calm and happy which then contributes to an overall sense of well being and relaxation which is pleasant and healthy."

I actually started this type of service after seeing a client in Melbourne who just wanted to be held, to be cuddled and to just enjoy the benefits of cuddling up to someone else without sexual overtones and realised that this is something that others may be interested in experiencing. So I created Cuddles with Krissy. I have had a number of people ask for these sessions so far and it seems to be going well. Its an enjoyable experience.

You may ask why would I cuddle with a stranger? But during our time together its an opportunity to connect with someone else. To have physical contact of being held but also the mental connection of having a safe space to just be able to talk and communicate. To connect with another human without any pressure. To just feel safe and enjoy the health benefits of cuddling.

I would love to go on a journey with you through cuddles with krissy and show you how you can experience the various benefits of a non sexual cuddle service

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