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Some fun new Kink added to what i offer

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So as many of you might know i offer a range of relaxation and full service, services right? Along with a couple of fetish and BDSM Packages which i have been offering for quite some time now and honestly i like all the new additions to my service packages. I have some phone and online services these days as well, And i have begun writing an erotic story blog which has a membership fee to be able to read them. And while i love doing these services i have decided there was something slightly missing.

Quite often i get asked about combining a number of my fetish packages with a full service type package so the other day i decided i would create what i called a Tailored Kinky Full Service. Now what this service is is a standard type full service package with your choice of fetishes that can be incorporated into this service. There isnt a limit on the fetishes you can include it is completely up to you which ones you want.

The minimum booking time is 45 minutes and i will accept up to a 4 hour long appointment for this particular service depending on what you want to get up to. It is going to be tailored completely to you. To your desires and fetishes and fantasies. So we can really have alot of fun with it and i cant wait to start seeing people choose this service.

It is designed for those who love to explore their kinky side but can incorporate mutual oral and sex and alot of touching to the mix to satisfy all your needs and make it a fun and interesting experience for us both. I am always open to hearing from you and discussing how we can tailor it to suit your wants and needs and really have some fun with it. So if you would like to know more click here, or give me a call and we can arrange to meet up soon and enjoy ourselves as much as possible

And last of all make sure you check out my availability page to find out when ill be in your town so we can organise something very soon


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