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Made a decision for this year

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So, i have decided to stick to my guns this year. It is something thats really important to me to be honest. And something i hope that my clients will understand and take on board. The decision? Is that i am going to be insistent about advance bookings and deposits. You may be wondering why i have decided to really become quite strict about it, but the reasoning behind it is that very regularly, i get various people expressing interest in seeing me when i am in various places but arent willing to commit to making some time to spend together.
Then once, i get to town they dont follow through on arranging something.

So i have decided that for tours to proceed as planned i expect deposits to be made along with advance bookings. Some may question the decision, but its something i feel i have to do in order for my tours to be successful. Some places, it will be more important then others to get these advance bookings and deposits and this is generally based on limited availability, and some trips because i am only in town for the day, these will be especially important as for places i am visiting only for the day i wont be accepting same day or last minute appointments so it is a good idea that if you want to see me that you call before i arrive to arrange something as i wont be accepting bookings on the day.

I think its really important that the gentlemen i see, take the time to really read my advertising and my website before calling me to discuss your desires, because its something that really makes me happy and excited to see you, the reason being? is it shows that you have taken time to get to know a little about me and what i offer and have taken time to really understand how i prefer to operate. This means that our time spent together can be alot of fun for both of us dont you think? I am sure many other escorts feel the same about the people who take the time to read about us before getting in contact, it makes organising something go alot smoother.

Many escorts are now asking for deposits for tours and they all have various reasons for doing so, so if you see they are asking for them, please dont argue about having to make them. My reasons are that i am at a point where there are so many who express interest but then when you get to town they dont follow through and i think its important to have that follow through, why? Because the more you are willing to commit to a time with me and make a deposit the more likely i am going to return to your town or city, but also the visits will be longer then 2-4 days.

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