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A little update and the importance of deposits when i tour

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So a few weeks ago while i was in Bathurst i recieved a call that destroyed my world as i knew it. I would prefer not to mention what the call was about as its deeply personal and i am still processing and coming to terms with the news i got on that day. But because of it i had to replan, regroup and reorganise the dates of all my tours until the end of May.

So i have now got a new tour schedule up on my website right up until mid July, though there are a few spaces in the schedule that i havent filled yet as i have some plans for those dates and need to decide if i am going to be touring anywhere or not. So i will let you know when i know.

Something i want to rehash again on this post is that for many of my tours you will see me talk about how advance bookings with deposits are necessary. Now the reason for this is that if i dont get any interest, or advance bookings prior to my arrival i will most likely just cancel the tour and the reason for this is, to go on tour can get very expensive and if i havent gotten any interest for a certain place then chances are when i arrive i am not going to get enough calls or bookings to make the visit worthwhile. So i now ask that those who wish to spend some time with me, need to get in contact and make their advance bookings with deposits. This ensures that the tour goes ahead as planned and it also ensures that we can spend some fun quality time together when i visit. As encouragement to make an advance booking with deposit, if you book 45 minutes or longer and pay your deposit i will add between 15 and 30 minutes extra onto the booking time so you can get some extra time with me at no extra cost, so you do get some added benefits to making your advance booking with deposit and it also means the tour will proceed which is a good thing as well dont you think ?

Something that many gents dont understand is, that when we go on tour each place we visit it can cost between $500 and $1200 minimum before we have even started seeing anyone. This includes organising accomodation, Flights or transport to the town or city, Ubers / Taxi fares, food for meals, grooming, supplies, even the extra cost of luggage to make sure that we bring everything needed to make sure your time with us is awesome, then theres the cost of advertising including both online and in the paper advertising so you know we are visiting. So when you pay a deposit for an advance booking it really helps us to get super excited to spend time with you because it shows us how genuine you are and that you want to see us as much as we want to see you.

So please, when you see your favourite escort is coming to visit your town show them how much you want to see them and organise a booking with deposit prior to their arrival in town and you will find they will be super excited to see you when they get to town. I know some may be concerned about things such as discretion and privacy and some may be concerned about their chosen escort taking the deposit and not following through on the booking. But these days there are so many ways to make a deposit that protect your privacy and ensure discretion.

So check out when ill be visiting your town and i hope we can arrange some fun together

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