escort diary of Kitty Wylde

Naughty By Nature

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Hi I'm Kitty and I'm the kinda' girl that loves to get guys all 'hot under the collar.' I am a self-confessed Roarsome minx... and as you know, us naughty little kitties like nothing more than to pounce & play, and I'm no exception.

I have a hot beach body with long, lean suntanned legs, blonde hair and a dynamic personality. My photographs are recent and are a true reflection of myself.

I am unashamedly excited about men and love sex.

The service I provide fills the gap between Girlfriend and Escort. Just Imagine that you have a really hot Girlfriend who's right into you... that's how I will connect with you during our time together. My motivation for giving you such a service is simple - your pleasure is my pleasure.

You won't find too much on me, it's not that I've got a squeaky clean reputation to uphold or anything, rather it's quite the opposite. You could say that James Bond doesn't really know what flirting with danger is...

Most of the guys who see me know that there are others, but don't want to know if you know what I mean, keeping their sexperience close to their chests.

I'm their very own 'Dirty' Little Secret. I am so secret in fact, that my number, stored in their phones is 'incognito' and contact between us is kept discrete. They really don't want to let this cat out of the bag!

When I'm good, I'm very, very good. But when I'm bad... Watch Out!!!

I am selective with whom I see, when and where I see them. So you'll need to be seeking what I am offering, not what I'm not.

When I'm with you I am totally yours.

I can almost hear your mind ticking over thinking... "well that's easy behind closed doors, there's no one else there so of course your mine. But what happens when we're out say on a dinner date or something?"

When I accompany you out I only have eyes for you. Like the time when I was out with a 'special' friend on a Birthday Date. We started in the bar with intimate cocktails. I knew from the moment we walked in that all eyes were on us.

During the course of our evening, guys at various times tried all sorts of ways to steal a moment with me. Didn't happen. And, oh my... the looks on their faces just said it all especially when we were 'dirty' dancing with me in that short red dress, with my long lean legs, in those heels... simply too darn hot!!!

Now, you can just imagine what it may have been like as we manoeuvred our way towards a more private location... bodies pressed against each other, hands roaming, mouths barely separable...

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