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6. To Glass or Not to Glass

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Hello Lovers,

I have recently had multiple requests for play with glass toys, and I have always been quick to respond with a quick, firm ‘HECK NO!’

I can be a very open person when it comes to trying new things in the bedroom but glass has always been a hard and fast ‘no’ so I thought I should probably explain why.

It all started when I met one of my closest friends who will remain nameless out of my fear she will actually kill me for revealing who she is. Yes, I did get permission from the source herself to tell this tale as long as she remains nameless and cannot be identified.

Miss Nameless has always been an extremely adventurous girl and growing up together, she almost always did everything before me. Luckily for me, her desire to try glass came well before mine did. Glass soon became her absolute favourite part of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden - pretty much anywhere - until this one day. On this particular day, she decided that she felt like using her favourite glass dildo anally in the shower. As she was going along, thoroughly enjoying herself she heard a strange noise. She was quick to remove the glass dildo from her anus and the shower quickly started to fill with blood. I should probably note here that she always only used the ‘top of the market line’ sex toys and this particular toy was no exception.

She quickly rushed to the hospital and was prepped immediately for surgery. Before she went under anaesthetic the doctor informed her that one of two outcomes would come from her being in surgery. The first, she will wake up with a few stitches and will be fine to go home. The second, she will wake with her bowels beside her in a bowl for the next 3 months minimum until they have been repaired! She was petrified, to say the least. Luckily, she woke up to the fantastic news that the surgeon had removed all the glass from her rectum and she would be able to walk away quite quickly. The doctor informed her that this was not the first case he had seen and that it is actually a lot more common than we realise.

Not enough people are aware of the risks when using particular objects in the bedroom. I highly encourage everyone to research the sex toys you are purchasing and to think long and hard about your need to use glass in the bedroom.

Love Always,
Kiara Edwards xx

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