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Hello lovers,

I caught myself saying the other day, “what shall I write about next?” I realised that I had so often spoken about myself and got caught up in my own life that sometimes I forgot about what others were doing in their lives. This post out is for everyone out there who is reading this, this post is for you.

I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity here to just say a big warm thank you. Firstly to those of you that have absolutely no clue who I am, thank you for taking the time today to find out. I appreciate you taking the time, and energy to read about who I am, what I am about and I really appreciate your time and energy so thank you. I truly do hope you keep on reading and hopefully in the future we can meet.

To my colleagues, you guys rock! I am so honoured to have you all as colleagues. Each and every day I am inspired by the people you are, the way you advertise and the big hearts you all seem to have. Some I have seen online, others I’ve spoken to online, some I have met briefly and others I have created (hopefully but not doubted) long lasting friendships with. The community we have is beyond fantastic and attempting to share that with someone who is not within the community is next to impossible. In my time working as an escort you have all offered an amazing amount of support in both hard times and good. The lovely ladies in our community are intelligent, wise and generous humans who have created a family for those who sometimes can feel cast away from general society based on our career choices. These outstanding women have always been there to offer support, wisdom and opinions when asked (rarely without, thankfully) and have truly turned me into a better, happier version of myself that all my lucky clients get to experience today. Any lady who is reading this who I have not met or feels left out from the community I seriously encourage you to go out and meet these women, they are all so lovely, warm and welcoming. Thank you to all the gorgeous ladies who I aspire to everyday, you’re all wonderful in your own beautiful and quirky little ways.

And last (but surely not least) to my loyal follows, you guys are my rock, my backbone, you get me through the hard times and some have supported me over a whole year now. I have had many ups and downs but still you have stuck by me sliding on into my DM’s in the most positive way. When I have written feeling down, you’ve been there. When I’ve shared mile-stones with my little puppy Mufasa, you’ve been there. And on those days I’ve been happy and chatty, you’ve been there. I am so thankful that there are so many of you out there who I can now call friends, so thank you.

I’m sending you all a big hug. Thank you everyone for your support.

Much love,
Kiara xx

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