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1. How did you get into escorting and why do you do it?

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How did you get into escorting and why do you do it?

Many years ago I became interested in exotic dancing and went into my local strip club and befriended a girl who was dancing at the time. I opened up to her admitting my curiosity towards the industry and she said never to enter it so I stuck to my university degree and kept working part time at a retail store. I became strapped for cash as I was living on minimum wage and trying to afford the fees it cost to live on campus. I went out and started looking for a new job when someone I knew suggested the local strip club where their cousin managed. I was hesitant but took the job anyway. It was that moment I fell in love with the industry. Working behind the bar wasn’t enough; I needed to be apart of it. I started dancing. First 2 days a week then quickly to full time. I dropped out of university because I believed the adult industry is my true calling.

I worked for about 2 years before taking a couple of months off where I selectively sugar-babied to people I had met at parties. I met a girl who was a fulltime escort and showed me some of the ins and outs of the industry. Not ready to take that path I started dancing again full time. That’s when I met a man who changed everything. I had been the girl who had never explored her sexuality or fully matured into it. He opened up my mind, body and spirit and I started to enjoy sex, to crave sex, to love sex. Him and I were not meant to be and went our separate ways but it left me craving the adventure. I wanted to discover and learn more. I talked myself into getting a photoshoot and signing up to scarlet blue. It was so exciting. The excitement before every booking and being able to explore my sexuality daily became a reality. I noticed myself getting higher self-esteem, no longer feeling the need to always change.
I started doing outcalls at first and soon decided to go looking for an apartment I could host from. I settled on an apartment and was so very excited. The most exciting part of my move was decorating my new incall and welcoming gentlemen into my home.

There are so many reasons why I love working in this industry so I thought the best way to explain them is in dot-points:
- SEXUALITY - I get to play out different kind of fetishes and explore others and myself. I continuously learn new things. I absolutely love exploring my sexuality.
- INTIMACY - I enjoy helping people and getting to know people. I love getting to know my clients, their ticks and their deepest desires. It is so nice getting to know the new people and being there in not only their hardest times but also their happiest. I enjoy being able to put a smile on peoples face and enjoying an intimate experience together. Being able to create lasting friendships.
- COLLEAGUES: I am so lucky to work with such amazing men and women. I have never experienced the level of kindness and support that we get within this industry. Most of the men and women I work beside have always been there to support and encourage one another. It has amazed me how beautiful and accepting everyone has been within the industry. For anyone I work with reading this thank you. Thank you for the support and the time you have given me. We really are lucky to have such a strong community.
- ADVISOR – I have come to the age where most of my friends are married or in long-term relationship. Some have had minimal relations within their life and I love being that person they can always ask. In fact good friends of mine I went to church with in my early teens are now married with several children and still very much apart of the church. I was very lucky to be the one to introduce them to Sexpo last year and take them on a tour of my world. It was invigorating to see them enjoy themselves and open up to new experience they may never have had without a friend within the industry.
- FREEDOM – I love being able to set my own hours and have my own time to do what I love now.

In this industry I personally find it hard not to love. There are so many positive things that have happened within my life that I may never have experienced if I had finished university or worked in another career. I wake up almost every day thankful to be alive and be able to live this amazing life.
Love always,
Kiara Edwards xx

P.S. Below are some of my very first photos. Enjoy!

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